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Why Memory Foam Is Good For Dogs and Cats

There are many reasons why memory foam is so good in the make up of pet bedding products and here at snugglezzz we are a little bit obsessed with it. In fact our craftsmen and women can’t help having a crafty feel of it when they add covers and cushions, so you can appreciate and understand why we try to keep them focused on the job in hand at all times!

Seriously, memory foam is a great material because it allows our bodies to absorb into the foam and cuts down on the stresses and pressures associated with applying force to an object.

When this product was brought into the space programmes for NASA it helped astronauts to take the big hits and major forces associated with going into space. In recent years, we have used memory foam in our beds at home to help us to get a good nights sleep - and it works.

memory foam dog bed mattressAlthough the product is more expensive than standard foam it offers great advantages over basic products and can help humans and animals of all shapes and sizes. This is why it is so good for relieving the aches and pains of arthritis and other problems associated with joints.

It helps basic alignment of the spine and reduces stress on hips and the shoulders. As you know certain pets can suffer with things like hip dysplasia, arthritis and joint problems and memory foam will help. The ability for memory foam to form to the contours of the body and to act as a cushion for pressure points can only be a positive thing and if your pet could say thank you I am sure they would. (we know they already do but let’s not get into that)

Our memory foam beds have two layers, one top memory foam layer which is 2 inches on the x small (as very small dogs and most cats don't need such a thick foam bed) and three inches on all other sizes. The x small, small and medium sized beds will also have a lower layer of 2 inch high density foam to add support to the top layer and this also provides a comfortable base for your pet.

The larger beds have a three inch bottom layer for even more support, so that is 6 inches in total – the big ones need it you know!

We often chat to customers about the subject of memory foam in pet beds and we can understand why people opt for the cheaper, less robust versions. These can include shredded foam with no supportive layer or very thin dual layer mattresses.

 We believe that if a product is going to last then it should be able to not only stand the every day wear and tear of a dog or cat playing, jumping and scratching, but also to provide the best balance of support and comfort throughout its life. This is why we think a thicker double layer mattress with the option of a fleece, faux leather, denim, or tougher outer fabric is the way to go and this is why we label our beds as a truly orthopaedic solution.

So, as you can see we love the fact that our memory foam beds are helping pets around the world to get high quality rest and sleep. Watch this space for more information and developments in due course.

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