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A Closer Look At Our Denim Dog Beds

We have all gone a bit 'Jean Jeanie' here at snugglezzz as we introduce the new 7oz denim cover for our range or orthopedic memory foam pet beds. So what is the reasoning behind this move?

Well, we know pets love to sit on our laps and they certainly don't seem to mind if we're wearing jeans. In fact it seems a very comfortable bottom layer for them as we play with their ears or rub their bellies! (well we do)

So we decided to introduce a cover which was hard wearing, would not snag easily and would also be comfortable for dogs, cats and any other pet using our pet beds - and it seems the new move is going down well with our customers too. In fact early signs show that the material is a great choice for covering foam and bolsters and wraps itself nicely around waterproof or polyester covers too.

It is also an easy material to wash at between 30 and 40C and if you use a little light detergent the covers should last a long, long time.

So what's next I hear you ask - corduroy maybe? Well, why not. We'll get back to you on that one. So take a look at our new range of denim covered beds as well as water resistant polyester and fleece on our website.

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