Flashing LED Dog Lead | High Viz Dog Lead

Flashing LED Dog Lead | High Viz Dog Lead

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Flashing LED High Viz Dog Lead

flashing led dog lead

These flashing LED high viz dog leads are as strong as most standard dog lead, has a very good quality fastener and is not regarded as a cheap, inferior novelty item.

The LED light strip is very bright and has a flashing and constantly on mode. This high visibility LED lead is designed to be a great walking aid when it is dark outside. A 'one size fits all' flashing LED dog lead at 123 cm in length (standard/common length) and with strong fabric and fastening. It also has a comfortable, padded handle with a non slip grip included.

As you can see from the video below, these dog leads offer great safety properties due to the reflective fabric, which shows up in car headlights and street lights. Add to this the super bright LED lights and you have a secure dog lead with 'be seen, be safe' properties.

Available in orange and green and with free shipping to the UK. We can ship dog leads internationally.

"They are great for high viz walking. This one will be used instead of my normal lead when it is dark outside." Mrs Henslow, Gwent, UK

Package includes: Dog lead (in your choice of orange or green) fixed switch, controller and USB/solar panel + USB recharging lead. All you or a friend needs to be safe on those darker dog walking evenings.

Do I need to buy batteries for it?

No. It contains a fixed Solar and USB rechargeable panel with switch for flashing and constantly on options. The USB lead simply attaches to the control panel on the LED lead (see image) and the other end plugs into any device with a standard USB port. You can even leave the solar panel in a well lit window and it will add a trickle charge to the unit. There is no need to ever buy batteries again.

How do I recharge it?

To recharge / power up this LED dog lead all you have to do is:

1. Plug in the supplied USB lead. Just insert the small connector to the dog lead controller and then the larger USB end to any PC, tablet or device with a USB connector.

2. Alternatively, the controller has a solar panel. Position the lead outside in a spot where the solar panel absorbs solar rays during the day, or leave it in a well lit window that gets direct sunlight.

A great product for every day use or just as a back up lead for night time walks only. It offers a very bright series of LED lights within a waterproof enclosure. 

The controller has a USB port (USB lead also included) and the battery can be recharged by attaching the USB lead to your computer/PC/laptop. It will recharge in just a few hours and will give you many hours of life. This means you never have to buy batteries!

The controller on the LED dog leads has a rubber inner seal to help keep out rain and moisture.

Will it make a great gift?

This high viz dog lead makes a great addition to your night time walking routine or will make a fantastic unique gift for a friend or family member, dog owner or dog lover at Christmas time or any time of the year. This is because the leads are a 'one size fits all' product so you do not need to measure a dog. We are sure that the special dog owner in your life will love it! The leads are high quality, robust and built for everyday use.

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