Lead for walking two dogs | Dual Dog Lead UK

Lead for walking two dogs | Dual Dog Lead UK

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dual dog lead coupler for two dogs

A lead designed for walking two dogs, these lead couplers are designed to make your life easier when walking two dogs. It allows you to attach one of the zinc alloy hooks to each one of your dogs and then attach your main walking lead to the central O ring.

The leads have strong nylon webbing and 3M reflective materials so the lead reflects car and street lights on dark nights.

They are available in three sizes and can be used for different sized breeds of dogs. You'll notice that the small, medium and large dual lead couplers have varying lengths and thicknesses. We have also added a rough 'dog size' guide for each size.

Just choose the dog lead of interest by weighing up the lead length, thickness and type of dog you have. All dual leads are very strong with high-quality fasteners and materials.

Small - for smaller dogs up to a medium terrier. The width on the small dual dog lead is 15mm and the length is 330 - 500 mm. As you can see the length is adjustable from both sides so you can alter to meet your requirements.

Medium - for dogs up to large spaniel. Width is 20 mm and the length is 405 - 600 mm.

Large - for any larger dog. Width 25 mm. Length is 455 - 680 mm.

Available in Black, Orange and Yellow/green.

Why not add a reflective dog collar to your order. The lead can be attached to the central o ring and will match your dog lead splitter.