No Pull Dog Harness From Truelove Double Ended Lead Compatible

No Pull Dog Harness From Truelove Double Ended Lead Compatible

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Truelove no pull dog harnesses explained

our range of refelctive dog harnesses with handle

These no pull dog harnesses have two strong rings for your lead - one at the front (around the chest strap) and one on the top, around the dog's shoulders.

How you use these clips is up to you. Some dog owners attach their lead to the top clip and use this as a standard harness. But if your dog pulls, it is better to buy a double ended lead and attach one end to the top and the other end to the front.

The harnesses are very high quality and can certainly be used even if your dog does not pull. However if your dog does pull, they are designed to help stop your dog pulling with a combination of a well thought out design and two well positioned lead clips. The dog harnesses are available in black, green, orange, red and the brand new colours of pink and blue. Please see the Sizes tab above to choose the best harness for your dog.

Each harness is fitted with reflective strips on the main body and straps, so your dog can be seen easily when car headlights or street lights are directed towards it.

double ended dog lead for use on a harness

Remember, we also have matching double ended leads for the harnesses and you can find them on this page

You are better to choose a lead that matches the size of your harness. This is because the larger leads are wider than the smaller leads and a large lead does not look right on a small harness.

So if you buy a xs or small harness, it is better to buy a small lead to match it. If you order a medium harness, you can also purchase a medium double ended lead. And as you have probably guessed a large lead would look better on a large or x large harness.

The only difference in the lead sizes is in the width. All leads are 1.75 metres long and the widths are Small = 1.5 cm, medium = 2.0 cm and large = 2.5 cm.

For more information about our double ended leads please click here.

Clipping a lead to a harness

As we have said before, in some cases, people prefer to use the more traditional top clip only. Many customers at the dog shows we attend can see a lot less pulling by just using a top lead attachment with a normal lead.

But to make it a real no pull harness you can attach a double ended dog lead and fix one end to the front ring and the other end to the top ring.

Basically, the top ring will provide a brake and the front ring will allow you to gently steer your dog. Customers report vast improvements when using a lead like this, and most people see much less pulling.

We have received a lot of feedback over the last few years and a many owners feel much more in control with this harness. And we think the dog can sense this too!

Our harnesses work on the same principal as a strap only harness. It's just that we prefer to stock a harness with more padding (for comfort), higher night time visibility and a handle for emergencies.

We are also not in the halti head collar business either. On so many occasions we have seen straps pushing up against the eyes and we just feel there is a lot of margin for error. We also think that a dog probably prefers to be steered gently from the chest area than from the head or snout.

"We wanted a padded harness with some reflective materials. We use a double ended lead and attach one to the top and one to the front. The pulling has pretty much gone. Very good product." Mrs Peters, Birmingham, UK

The great design and quality manufacturing means that the pulling forces are equally distributed on these harnesses and there are also strong elastic materials built-in where two straps meet the main body of the harness - this moves just enough to help cushion the pulling forces. The harness is also designed in such a way that it becomes almost impossible for a dog to back out of the harness.

When we demonstrate these harnesses to people at dog shows many of them will comment on the fact that they do not feel the same harsh jarring of bones and muscles that they experience with other harnesses or when they use a stand collar and lead. Over time this can substantially reduce tiredness or any aches and pains the owner experiences when walking their dog.  

golden retriever wearing heavy duty dog harness

If your dog pulls excessively and often, you may find that a front attachment (or a combination of front and top attachments) will work best and you'll see a video illustrating this above.

A simple and subtle steering from left to right is achieved when you use the front ring attachment and this stops the dog from surging forward. As soon as the dog realises that it is going to get thrown off going forwards (by a gentle tug to the left or right) then it should stop pulling. So a double ended lead attached to the top and front rings should reduce or totally eliminate pulling. 

Why Does My Dog Pull?

There are usually two main reasons for this. Firstly, there are so many wonderful smells outside and your dog just can't wait to get amongst them. Secondly, a dogs natural reaction to being pulled back is to try and create some sort of equilibrium.

This means that they want to create an opposite force to you pulling back on the lead and this means they pull too!

So why does a harness + double ended lead make such a difference?

When a lead is attached to the top ring on a harness, that is your brake. This is the way most people attach leads to harnesses and if your dog does not pull then this way is just fine.

However, if your dog pulls a lot, then an additional front fastening on a harness will be used to create a small sideways force. Your dog feels a little uneasy about moving sideways so it soon learns that as it pulls hard, it is going to be pulled gently to the side. You can reinforce this sideways pull by saying something like "nicely" but only do this when your dog slows and is not pulling. We'd also recommend that  you use a word that is not used regularly and means something else. For example, you may already use "back" or "stop"as keywords.

You could repeat these words again and again during walks so your dog understands that these words are said when it behaves and walks nicely. You can then give your dog a treat as it walks "nicely" and then reinforce the good behaviour with a nice treat. 

Of course, it is up to you how you want to use the harness and lead but we have found that a combination of these products and the methods listed here work extremely well in the vast majority of cases.

So can this just be used as a normal harness?

Yes. We sell a lot of harnesses to customers who just want to use it as a standard harness and to attach a lead to the top fixing only.

The harnesses are heavy duty, well made and fit the dogs chest and torso very well so they are comfortable for the owner and hopefully the dog too! We get a lot of people who buy the dog harnesses even if their dogs don't pull.

We ask customers for feedback when we are at shows and events and they seem to be impressed with the quality of the product and also how well it fits their dog. Some harnesses on the market can cut into the dogs body or can be too high around the dogs neck.

There are also some harnesses that fit so badly that the dog can wriggle out of them. Our harnesses are well proportioned, have elastic shock absorbers and fit low around the dogs chest. They are a very popular choice.

What are the dog harnesses made from?

These no pull dog harnesses are padded, reflective dog harnesses, which are light but made from very strong, durable nylon oxford fabric with a patented 3M scotchlite reflective material.

They are therefore designed to show up in car headlights and under street lights, helping you and your dog to be seen on those darker nights. They are reflective dog harnesses of the highest quality.

The inside is made from a breathable mesh fabric lining and the harness is padded for extra comfort. The harness is well weighted and proportioned which ensures easy walking and control at all times. It also has reinforced elastic tension points to cushion pressure and forward, back and side pulling forces.

What type of adjustment points does it have?

This style of harness has four main adjustment points. This means that you have two to resize the neck area and two to resize the belly/chest area. This means that you can adjust each strap through a buckle on the left and right parts of the neck and belly area. This ensures a good fit all round.

What type of lead/leash fastenings does it have?

The easy walk dog harnesses have two metal attachment points. The first is a strong zinc alloy D ring for fastening a lead to the most popular area close to the handle shown below. This is located in the centre and the top of the dog's shoulders.

The second O-ring attachment is located on the dog's chest for attaching a lead at the front. This attachment allows for a lead to gently steer the dog from left to right and this means that any aggressive forward pulling is vastly reduced or completely stopped - both options make it a great choice as a traditional harness or a no pull dog harness.

You can choose to use one or both fastenings to suit your needs and situation.

Can the handle be used to make it a car dog harness?

handle fixed to dog harness

Yes. The handle can have many uses and can come in useful if you also want to use it as a dog car harness and thus provides extra security in the car. Just thread the car seat belt through the handle for extra piece of mind. 

The handle is also handy if you find yourself in a confrontational situation with another dog and need to pull your dog away from any potential threat. It can also be used to aid climbing if you climb hills or mountains with your dog and is great if you go swimming or boating with your dog or get involved in hydrotherapy, as you can use it to pull the dog out of the water easily.

Where are the items shipped from and how long will they take to get to me?

All of our heavy duty padded dog harnesses are stored and shipped from the UK. All UK deliveries should take 2-3 days but please allow up to 4 working days during busy periods. If you reside outside of the UK, your dog harness should be with you within 5-9 working days.

How do I ensure that I get the correct size?

Just measure your dog around the girth of the chest. This is the circumference around the widest part of the chest and just behind the front legs. Please see the illustration of the dog in the Sizes tab above. You can then watch the video on this page for more information.

There is quite a bit of room for adjustments for the neck and chest straps on all harnesses and this is to ensure a good fit. Just choose a harness that falls within one of the chest sizes in the table above and then select it from the drop down menu. 

measurment for dog harness chest only

Size To fit chest in cm and inches
xs 33-45 cm / 13-17 nches
small 43-56 cm / 17-22 inches
medium 56-69 cm / 22-27 inches
large 69-81 cm / 27-32 inches
x large 81-107 cm / 32-42 inches









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