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girl walking with collapsible dog bowl

A super handy collapsible and portable silicone bowl for dogs made from durable silicone and available in green, orange or red.

This collapsible dog bowl can be used for watering and feeding and collapses to an impressive 13mm depth. This means you can attach it to a belt, handbag, rucksack or any other item.  You'll find that this portable dog bowl will come in sup[er handy and will save you a lot of valuable space.

Size: The diameter/width at the top is 128mm and 52mm deep when extended. The bowl then closes in on itself when pushed from the top and bottom and has a collapsed depth of just 13mm.

This makes it ideal for days out, camping, travelling, walking, events and shows and can be kept in a bag for emergencies or as a back up to your existing equipment. The bowl takes up hardly any room in a bag or carrier so it can be packed away until required.

"They are just big enough as a dog bowl and this means when it folds up it is so easy to carry around." Mrs Belmont, Newbury, UK

carabiner-clip-for-dog-bowlIf you choose to attach the collapsible dog bowl to a bag, belt or other article of clothing you can do so by using the supplied carabiner style clip.

This just slots through the hole shown in the bowl lip and then attaches around the desired item. It is very lightweight, is ideal as a portable bowl for dogs and other animals and can be washed easily and can withstand cold or very hot items with ease. Please note: Shipping is FREE to all UK addresses. Please see here for shipping rates outside of the UK.

Can they be clipped to a belt or bag?

Yes, we also give you a carabiner clip and this just threads through a hole n the bowl lip. You can then clip it to your belt or bag easily.

Can they also be used for hot things?

Yes, they are silicone so they can withstand high temperature liquids and solids.

How deep is the bowl when it is collapsed or folded?

It is just 13mm deep so saves you a lot of room in a bag or can be tied to a belt or bag handle.

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