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We think our range of cooling coats for dogs are a great fit for breeds of all shapes and sizes. In terms of product quality, comfort and our ethical approach in selecting the highest quality products and materials, we think they are hard to beat.

Our evaporating dog cooling vests consist of lightweight mesh fabrics with breathable layers. The dog cooling vest locks in water in the inner layer, which then cools your dog. Through your dog's body heat and natural evaporation it then releases the moisture in the air.

The cool or tepid water you add cools your dog and the evaporation means that the coat can dry out naturally. Coats that do not evaporate water can easily lock in heat and this can cause extra discomfort.

Outer material - Our K9 cooler cooling dog coat offers a lightweight, supple and machine washable fabric. It is also fully breathable and perforated.

This allows water to evaporate through the coat instead of it staying in the material for longer periods. Lining (inner fabric) - An additional mesh and nylon fabric which absorbs water and cools your dog.

This water will eventually evaporate naturally and can then be re-soaked and applied. Our cooling coats for dogs also double up as a very efficient autumn/winter coat. When they are dry they offer a good protective layer from wind and the elements and also have a lead/leash alloy d ring on the top of the coat. The coat has a double zip system which means you can choose a looser or tighter fit at any time. This is useful if your dog has a thicker coat in winter or you just want some flexibility at certain times of the year.

Please note: When using this item as a dog cooling vest we do not advise that you walk your dog for long periods of time. They are designed as a short-term cooling solution and should not be left on your dog for long periods, especially when walking in hot weather.

Instructions for use: Soak the coat with water (use cool water - not ice cold) and then wring the coat to get rid of excess moisture. Leave the coat for 1 minute and then place the cool coat on your dog. Zip up and tighten to fit. When the coat dries, soak and re-apply when necessary.

How long should I leave the coat on my dog?

We advise that you only leave the cooling coat on your dog for a maximum of 25-30 mins. If your dog wears the coat in a cooler environment you can leave the coat on for longer, but please monitor your dog at all times to make sure it does not get too hot or too cold. If the dog wears the coat in full sun then we'd recommend re-soaking the coat every 20-30 minutes.

But remember, only soak in cool water and NOT ice cold water. Another alternative is to soak in cold water but leave the coat for 5 mins to get closer to the room temperature.

Can I attach a lead to this coat?

Yes, the coat has a double alloy D ring and a lead/leash can be attached to the coat so you can walk and control your dog. Please note: We do not advise that you walk your dog for long periods of time when this coat is being worn by your dog in warm weather conditions - if the coat is either wet or dry. If you are going to walk your dog in hot weather (when wearing this coat) please monitor your dog at all times and please judge when the coat should be taken off. If the coat dries out completely in hot weather it will lose its cooling properties.

Has the coat got any fine adjustments in terms of fit?

Yes. There are two zips alongside each other which offers a looser or tighter fit when wet or dry. There is also an elasticated pull string on the belly which draws the coat edges in to slightly tighten it around your dog's body if required.

How do I wash the coat?

The coat can be hand or machine washed. We would recommend a machine wash setting of no more than 30 degrees. You may also consider one of dog cooling mats if your dog prefers to lay down when cooling off.


Coat Size  Neck Chest Girth In cms
xx small (very small dogs, Chihuahua etc) 25-28 cms 30-36 cms
x small (small dogs, Yorkshire Terrier etc) 29-32 cms 37-44 cms
small (Pug, Jack Russell etc) 33-37 cms 45-51 cms
medium (Boston Terrier, Cocker Spaniel) 38-44 cms 52-61 cms
large (Boxer, Collie, Labrador, Dalmatian) 45-49 cms 62-71 cms
x large (German Shepherd, Setter) 50-57 cms 72-82 cms
xx large (Mastiff, Sheepdog) 58-78 cms 83-101 cms


How to take the correct measurements

To ensure that you get the right size, measure around your dog's neck (circumference) and your dog's chest (from the back of the neck around the chest and front of the legs) For example, if you measure your dog and your dog's chest is 56cm and the neck is 41cm then the correct size is a medium coat. 

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