Padded Dog Harness With Handle

Padded Dog Harness With Handle

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Ideally suited for larger dogs, this harness comes fitted with a strong handle and an open neck system, which means it does not have to be placed over the head.

The top lead clip sits back a little further on the dog's back and when combined with a front lead (or double-ended lead) adds braking and steering control, to help pulling.

The belly straps can be fully adjusted for the best fit.

This dog harness can be used as a standard harness (using the top clip) as well as also being designed to help stop your dog from pulling on the lead when used with the front clip.

It comes with a very strong vertical placed handle so you can grab around it naturally to lift your dog when required.

Truelove harnesses are well designed with two lead fixing points - one on the top of the dog's shoulders and another fixing point on the front of the dog's chest.

You can use either or both fixing points to suit your application.

If your dog pulls hard and often you are probably better to attach a double ended lead to both attachment points. This means that you have one end of the lead attached to the front ring on the dog's chest and then the other end on the dog's shoulders/back.

Padded Dog Harness With Handle From Truelove

If you choose to use a double ended lead, this will allow you to apply a brake and to steer - and it is the slight steering that throws the dog offline very slightly.

If you apply subtle steering from the front attachment point, your dog will soon catch on and before long the pulling is controlled or totally eliminated.

This design of harness also allows you to place it around the dog's neck, so you do not need to push it over the dog's head. The harness unclips at the neck and around the torso. Watch the video to see how easy it is to put on the harness.

Please see the Sizes tab above so you can choose the best harness for your dog.

The dog harnesses are available in black, neon yellow, orange and the brand new colours of pink and blue

Remember, we also have matching double ended leads for the harnesses in black, light blue, pink, neon yellow and orange and you can find them by clicking here. You can see an orange double ended lead being applied in the video above.

Please note: It is VERY important that you measure your dog's chest/belly area before you order a dog harness. Please do not guess the size as this can result in a return where you will pay for the return postage. Please see the size guide tab for more information. As a general rule, you just need to measure around the girth of your dog's chest/belly just behind the front legs. Our harnesses are a good match to size and have a greater level of adjustment than many people realise. If you need help, please give us a call or send an email to

If you are considering a matching lead then you are better to choose a lead that matches the size of your harness. This is because the larger leads are wider than the smaller leads and a large lead does not look match a small harness that well.

So it is our advice that if you buy an extra small (xs) or small harness, it is better to buy a small lead to match it. If you order a medium harness, you could buy a medium double ended lead. If you purchase a large or XL harness it is better to buy a large double ended lad to match it.

The only difference in the lead sizes is in the width. All leads are 1.75 metres long and widths are Small = 1.5 cm, medium = 2.0 cm and large = 2.5 cm.

Why Does My Dog Pull?

Well, your dog may just want to get outside so it can pick up on all of the amazing smells. Or it might be that it is just very enthusiastic to get to a familiar point on a walk, especially if this point means play with a ball. Varying, or mixing up your routine can help with this. And of course, a non pull harness can help by using one or two attachment points.

Is this harness reflective? 

Yes, they have 3M patented materials built-in which makes the harness fully reflective in car headlights, street lights and torches. This helps you and your dog to be seen on dark nights.

Does the harness go over my dog's head?

No. This style of harness opens up fully so you can place it around the neck and fasten it. It means that you do not have to put your dog's head through a fixed hole and many owners seem to like this design, especially if their dog does not like things being placed over their head.

Can we attach the lead to just one ring on the harness?

Yes. We sell a lot of harnesses to people who own dogs that do not pull. They just want a high quality padded harness that is built to last and this style ticks all the boxes. The harness can be used as a standard harness by attaching a standard lead to the top attachment point. This means that you have one braking point only. In many cases, this is the only attachment point you'll ever need, especially if your dog does not pull.

What is the handle used for?

The handle can be used to help your dog walk around difficult terrain or hills, but it is also used in an emergency if your dog finds itself in a nasty confrontation with another dog or can be used to pull the dog out of water.

Where are the items shipped from and how long will they take to get to me?

All harnesses are shipped from our UK distribution centre and can take 1-4 working days to reach you. We send most items via royal mail but some bulkier items will be sent via Hermes.

How do I ensure that I get the correct size?

Just measure your dog around the girth of the chest. This is the circumference around the widest part of the chest and just behind the front legs. Please see the image of the dog on the Sizes tab above to see where you take the chest measurement. 

There is quite a bit of room for adjustments around the chest but the neck is a fixed size on this harness. However, if you choose the correct harness based on the chest measurement this will give you the best fitting harness overall. Just choose a harness that falls within one of the chest sizes in the size guide tab and then select it from the drop-down menu. 

measurment for dog harness chest only

Size To fit chest in cm and inches
xs 43-49 cm / 17-19.5 nches
small 48-57 cm / 19-22.5 inches
medium 60-72 cm / 23.5-28.5 inches
large 70-95 cm / 27.5-37.5 inches
x large 90-125 cm / 35.5-49 inches


Please note: It is VERY important that you measure your dog's chest/belly area before you order a dog harness. Please do not guess the size as this can result in a return where you will pay for the return postage.  

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