Dog and Pet Monitoring / Surveillance WiFi Camera For Home
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Dog and Pet Monitoring / Surveillance WiFi Camera For Home

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Keep and eye on what your dog and pets are doing when you are not at home. Simply links to your WiFi set up at home and video and sound can be viewed and heard on your mobile phone.

This dog monitoring WiFi camera can be set up in just a couple of minutes. It can then be placed on a shelf or location where viewing your pet is easy. It can also be mounted on a wall with the packaged bracket and screws.

How to set up

Setting up is simple. We give you the app name and you just add the app to your Android or Apple phone. The menu system and interface is very simple to use and you can even enable two way audio between the camera and your phone. 

You plug in the camera and link it to your phone and your WiFi system. You can then see live video on your camera from your phone!

Operating the camera

IP wifi pet monitoring cameraYou can see the camera's video footage from anywhere (from the office, at a restaurant etc) and also hear sound. The device also has a two-way sound system built in so you can hear your voice coming from the camera when you speak into your phone. The camera also has pan and tilt functionality. Simple swipe your phone's screen from left to right, right to left or up and down and the camera will move in this direction!


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