Dog Training Recall Starter Kit For Puppy Or Older Dog

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snugglezzz offers an ideal dog training and recall starter kit, whether you are training a puppy, older dog or retraining a dog from a rescue. The starter packs can also be used as gifts for the dog owner in your life.

The kit comprises of a clicker, whistle, dog treat pouch and a choice of a 6 or 10 metre long training lead in red or black.


red dog training clicker

The clicker works on the simple concept that if a dog will continue to do a behaviour if it is rewarded. A clicker can be clicked with the finger in an effort to reinforce a good behaviour, followed quickly by a reward.

This embeds a thought process and the dog realises that a click is a confirmation that a dog has produced an act of good behaviour.

Do not use the dog clicker to get your dog's attention. It should not be used in this way.

Treat bag

green dog treat pouch

The treat bag is attached to a convenient location on your body and can be used in conjunction with a dog clicker. The bag gives you simple and quick access to treats.

It also has a plastic poop bag dispenser which allows you to place a roll of poo bags in a separate zipped compartment. You can then pull out and detach each bag easily. It has a unisex camouflage design so can be worn with most colours and suits both men and women.


dog training whistle

A whistle is a wonderful training aid and can be used for effective recall and other purposes.

The ideal time to use a whistle is when the dog is paying no attention to you. Following a short blast wait until your dog comes to you and then treat your dog with food or other reward.

Your dog will then realise the use for the whistle and this can become a vital tool to aid in training and general obedience.

The great thing about a whistle is that it has no emotion. We sometimes feel the need to shout at our dog to get his/her attention and this is not the way to do it. The whistle takes the emotion out of this and similar actions and is consistent training aid.

Dog training lead and long line

black dog training long line lead 10 metres

An ideal long training lead or long line used to give the owner and controller reassurance and confidence when training a dog outdoors.

Can be used for recall purposes and allows the owner to grab hold of a longer lead in emergencies. Please note: This is to be used as a training lead/line only and not as the main walking lead.

Note: You can choose between a red or black 6 metre or 10 metre long training lead on this page. Please select your preference in the drop down box provided.



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