Lishinu Retractable Hands Free Dog Lead

Lishinu Retractable Hands Free Dog Lead

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A retractable dog lead from Lishinu, which has the following features:

  • Use as hand leash, strap on wrist or short leash (50cm)
  • 3 metre long retractable dog lead
  • Compact and durable housing
  • Skydiving cord for maximum strength
  • Auto-locking mechanism for maximum safety
  • Wearable on the wrist freeing both hands
  • Available in 6 standard colours

The leads have many uses and fit in around your lifestyle and not the other way round. A neat velcro adjusting system means that you get a secure fit around your wrists and hand - whether they are large or small. 

The leads are Ideally suited for dogs that weigh in the range of 12-30 kg. 

Take a look at the video for a brief introduction and to show some of the uses.

The Lishinu retractable dog lead is a unique and highly fashionable dog-walking device that can either be attached to the hand or wrist. This means that you can keep both hands free at all times.

This retractable dog lead Uses a 3 metre skydiving cord, which is exceptionally strong and is recommended for use with dogs from around 12 to 30 kg in weight.

It features a very clever auto-locking mechanism that completely removes the need for a button, and therefore allows you to keep full control with simple movements of your hand and body.

Now you can go jogging with your dog, go shopping, hold hands, tie your shoes, open doors, carry bags - Simple tasks remain simple with the Lishinu retractable dog leash.

One size fits all with a 3 metre cord and adjustable velcro wrist and hand straps for different sized hands and wrists.