Orthopaedic Memory Foam Dog Beds

Orthopaedic Memory Foam Dog Beds

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boston terrier on pink orthopaedic memory foam bedThe price of £59.00 (as shown), refers to a x small orthopaedic memory foam dog bed. Please see drop downs for other sizes and prices.

Availability:: Will post to UK residents only. As beds are handmade to order please allow 10-14 days for delivery.

These handmade mattresses offer a super comfortable bed for dogs. They consist of a double foam layer consisting of memory foam and high density foam. This combination ensures a soft, comfortable and supported bed for dogs, helping them to get the very best of rest and sleep.

The cover can be removed for washing and the mattress is covered in an additional fixed water resistant material. Please see the common questions by clicking on the related tab above.

"...we tried a few memory foam ones but the cheaper ones were shredded foam and very thin. This is brilliant. The quality is excellent.... and I can see it will last for a long time. Mr Fisher. Ipswich, Suffolk.

How we can justify the price tag

Well, there are two main reasons for this.

1. memory foam and the high density foam used to make this a quality orthopaedic bed is more expensive to buy than standard low density foam.

german shepherd dog on memory foam bed

2. We create beds of the highest quality. First of all, we stick the two types of foam together. We then add a water proof cover and hand stitch it to finish. We then add the cover, high quality thread and zips and use an overlocker machine to finish the seam so the chances of it coming apart or fraying is very low.

We also employ people in the UK who run and operate their own businesses and our work ethic is as important to us as the products our highly skilled people produce.

These are thick, very high quality orthopedic dog beds and we only use solid memory foam (no shredded foam here!) The large bed adds a 3 inch bottom layer for slightly more support for larger dogs and other pets.

Delivery: All beds are handmade to order. There are a few processes involved to complete your order so please be patient. Manufacture to delivery to your door can take 10-14 days.

What style of dog beds are these?

They are mattress type orthopedic memory foam beds for small to larger breeds of dog. They contain a dual layer mattress with a memory foam top and higher density foam bottom layer.

Why are they classed as Orthopaedic and why use memory foam?

The term 'orthopedic' is generally used when describing the muscular/skeleton system or musculoskeletal. We use it to describe how our beds can aid sleep and rest by providing ongoing support for this system throughout a dog's life. We use memory foam because it offers supportive properties for young and old dogs.

Many dogs also suffer with Arthritis, hip dysplasia or other joint problems. A bed with good orthopedic qualities (including a memory foam top layer and good supportive bottom layer) can help relieve stress on joints and give your pet a better quality rest or sleep. A lot of beds sag and/or offer low quality materials that offer little or no support. Our beds offer a high quality mattress and great support.

How are the mattresses made?

Each dog bed has two layers which are bonded together. This provides excellent support and comfortable rest or sleep. You'll see from the image below that we use up to 6 inches of foam and this is always a 50/50 split between memory foam and high denisty foam.

memory foam bed mattress measurementsSmaller animals do not need quite as much support so the small beds have 4 or 5 inches of foam in total. The largest beds will have 6 inches in total. The combination of these two foams ensures the right amount of comfort and support for your dog.

So this gives you up to 3 inch memory foam top layer for fantastic comfort and up to 3 inches high density foam on the bottom layer for amazing support. All mattresses are covered with a water resistant layer which is hand stitched to finish.

This provides an extra layer of protection in case of spillages or accidents.We only use high quality foam for our beds and this is bonded and sealed to ensure that both materials stay together throughout its life.

What kind of cover fabrics can I choose from?

We have a range of fabrics to suit different dogs, habits, lifestyles and environments. You can choose from the following:

Tough material: A tough but supple polyester fabric, which is a kind of 'bean bag' water resistant material. This is ideal for dogs that lead a more active lifestyle and may play or chew when in bed. Please note: These covers are built to withstand wear and tear and some chewing but if your dog chews excessively, or destroys fabrics please cover the bed with an additional layer or think about an alternative. Available in Aubergine, Royal blue, cerise pink and red.

Fleece: A good quality polyester fleece which is soft and comfortable. This is a versatile fabric and ideal for dogs that may want to snuggle up on a slightly softer fabric. Available in red, brown, blue, pink and black.

Leatherette: They are easy to clean, feel very luxurious, cost far less than real leather and cool to the touch. They are ideal for dogs that do very little scratching or chewing as the fabric will mark. However, it is quite tough and will be fine for general wear. Available in brown and black.

Denim: Well, how many pets fall asleep on you when you wear jeans? So we came up with this great, tough 7oz denim design for our pet beds and the customers and pets love it

Can the covers be removed and washed?

Yes. All covers can be washed in a machine with the exception of the leatherette material. With this all you need to do is wipe it clean. The other fabrics can be hand washed or machine washed at around 30-40 degrees. 

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