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We are a main UK reseller and stockists of genuine Truelove dog harnesses and walking products and this includes a range of harnesses, leads, collars and other dog walking products that can be used in a number of different situations and locations.

Which Harness Is Best For My Dog?

A video which talks about harness options for all dog breeds, including minimal puppy and small dog harnesses, up to larger, padded, heavy duty varieties.

Customer Reviews

This is a must have !!!! This has definitely saved my Westie's life, she has mouth cancer and the heatwave we have had has been torture for her. All dogs should have them. Best product on the market today and excellent quality. I shall be recommending to everyone I meet. Excellent customer service thank you.
The five-star high praise
February 25, 2021
Our dog figured this worked very quickly. We did put it in the fridge to give it a very cool start as it was so hot this weekend. We just put it on the wood floor in the conservatory and asked her to lay down on it when she panted - she then went back indoors and lay on it later when she was hot. Can't ask for much more.
The five-star high praise
Siobhan Dunn
March 7, 2018
How they work I don't know. If I am honest I do understand the principles behind phase change materials but it works. Our dogs know they work too and that's why they keep going back to cool down. I would mention a brand of well know paint or varnish to tell you it does exactly what it says on the tin but I won't! Great product and cools our dog down a treat - that all we want.
The five-star high praise
Sam Speckland
January 12, 2020
My friend bought a cooling mat for their dog and told me to get one. She could not remember the supplier so I did a search and found this company. My friend's product was quite good but actually thinner than I thought they needed to be. The one I bought here was suprisingly thick and very good quality. It somehow produces a very efficient cooling effect for Kryten and as a big dog (Alsatian) he heats up very quickly. This did the job brilliantly. A very good product.
The five-star high praise
jan Greenwood
May 12, 2019
Billy suffers in the heat and as summer is approaching we bought a cool mat from snugglezzz. We had a few days of very nice weather in April and he started to get hot. We placed the mat in a cool spot and it took him no time to realise that it offered a cool retreat. He now goes over to the same spot after he plays and gets hot. Can't fault these.
The five-star high praise
Fay Truss
June 1, 2019