Waterproof Dog Coat With Underbelly Protection | UK Shipped

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Waterproof Dog Coat With Underbelly Protection | UK Shipped


A Fully Waterproof, fleece lined, warm coat

A padded, warm and waterproof dog coat with underbelly protection and chest cover. Based on feedback from existing and potential customers we have decided to introduce an anniversary red and it is available here.

We thought it would be a great way to launch our new red waterproof coat for dogs and the decision seems to have paid off. The feedback we have received has been very positive indeed. We are convinced this is because our waterproof dog coats come with chest and belly protection built in. Please note, this coat does not have a hole for a harness, but a dog harness could be placed over the coat.

Before you order your waterproof dog coat with underbelly protection, please click on the size guide tab and use the length measurement 1 as a guide - then measure your dog from the bottom of the neck to the base of the tail.

You can then take a girth measurement 2 of your dog around the widest part at the bottom the chest in centimetres. This will make sure that the coat is the right size to fit down the sides and fasten between the chest and belly.

Please see the related chest sizes to make sure that the size you have selected (based on the length) will fit.

"They are light and also keep our two warm. We bought these at a show when it chucked it down and the coats kept them dry and warm for the duration." Mr Dunston, Cromer, UK

There is a fair amount of adjustment around the belly which is the most important fastening point. The velcro straps ensure a very secure fit and we also add a buckle which can be tightened. There are reflective strips in the coats so they also show in car headlights or street lights on dark nights. 

Another use for this waterproof dog coat with underbelly protection is that they are great to double up as a winter coat as they have a layer of fleece material inside. This also gives the coat an additional protective element from the rain and wind.

Please note: The ideal length for a coat is to fit just short of the base of the tail. However, It is better for the length to be a few centimetres short than to be too long and also tight around the chest. Remember, please see the size guide for more information.

Size Guide

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<table width="100%">
<td><strong>Coat Size&nbsp;</strong></td>
<td><strong>Coat Length (this is measurement 1)<br></strong></td>
<td><strong>Chest Girth In cms (this is measurement 2)<br></strong></td>
<strong>x small</strong><span>&nbsp;</span>(puppy, Chihuahua etc)</td>
<td>21 cms</td>
<td>33 cms</td>
<strong>small</strong><span>&nbsp;</span>(Yorkshire Terrier etc)</td>
<td>25 cms</td>
<td>38 cms</td>
<strong>medium</strong><span>&nbsp;</span>(Pug, small Spaniel)</td>
<td>30 cms</td>
<td>43 cms</td>
<strong>large</strong><span>&nbsp;</span>(Boston Terrier, Border Terrier)</td>
<td>35 cms</td>
<td>48 cms</td>
<strong>x large</strong><span>&nbsp;</span>(Beagle, Small staff)</td>
<td>40 cms</td>
<td>53 cms</td>
<strong>xx large</strong><span>&nbsp;</span>(Border Colliie etc)</td>
<td>45 cms</td>
<td>60 cms</td>
<strong>xxx large</strong><span>&nbsp;</span>(Boxer, Labrador)</td>
<td>50 cms</td>
<td>66 cms</td>
<strong>xxxx large</strong><span>&nbsp;</span>(Setter, Dalmatian, German Shepherd)</td>
<td>55 cms</td>
<td>71 cms</td>



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<h3><b>What are the coats made of?</b></h3>
<p>Outer material - Polyester, close/tight wound, yet extremely soft and supple. Available in our anniversary red for a limited time. Please see images and the video at the bottom of this page. This is a padded and warm waterproof dog coat of the highest quality.<br><br><span>Lining</span> - Fleece polyester, polar, anti pill, soft.<br><br>Fleece is a great thermal insulator and helps keep the wind, cold and rain out. Our high quality inner material helps in producing waterproof dog coats of the highest quality. <br><br>The outer layer is a polyester mix which is very soft and supple but keeps the rain out. The coats are designed to keep the wind and moisture out and they can be used as winter dog coats or just for added protection from the elements all year round.</p>
<h3><strong>Does it have a harness hole?</strong></h3>
<p>No, this coat does not have a harness hole but that's what makes it fully waterproof. Some customers actually place a strap harness over this coat and it works just as well.</p>
<h3><b>Do they keep rain out?</b></h3>
<b> </b>
<p>Yes, they certainly do. This is a fully waterproof dog coat with underbelly protect, as well as full chest cover. This outer polyester fabric has moisture repellent properties. With the addition of a warm inner fleece fabric, it also means that the coat keeps moisture away from the pets body. Fleece fabrics only retain around 2% of their total weight as water. This means it is not an absorbent material and therefore helps to keep your pet warm and dry. So you have a fleece inner fabric plus a protective outer layer that will last a long time.</p>
<h3><b>Will it keep my dog warm?</b></h3>
<p><b> </b>All waterproof dog coats are padded and keeps your dog warm and dry. They come with a good quality webbing around the edges and reflective piping and trim. This means that your dog can be seen in the dark when lights are shone in their direction.</p>
<p>The coats also have excellent protection for the chest and belly area. This is because they go over the head, down below the chest and fastens around the belly. Many dog coats don't cover this important area and owners find themselves drying and cleaning this area after each walk or outing. With these coats, the area remains dry and clean.</p>
<h3><b>Are they easy to fit?</b></h3>
<p><b></b>They are very quick to fit and take off. All waterproof coats for dogs should provide simple fitting and this waterproof dog coat with underbelly protection is no exception. They are designed to be 'quick fit' and to cover the most important areas of the back, neck and torso.</p>
<p>There is a velcro fastening around the collar and two at the sides. Please see the video for more details. We have also added a clip across the top to make the coat fitting even more secure, as well as a roll-up collar to keep wind and rain out and to protect the neck a little bit more.<br><br>The coat can be washed at a low machine wash temperature (we'd advise 30 - 35 degrees) and/or hand wash at around 40 degrees. To maintain the quality of your coat, please do not wring out excessively. Ideally wash, squeeze and then allow to drip dry. As previously mentioned, the fleece and outer properties should mean quick drying.</p>
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<p>We'd suggest buying the next size up if your dog's chest is between sizes. For example, if you measure the girth of your dog's chest and it is 40 cms, you should buy the medium sized dog coat because it will give you 3 cm of breathing space. If you ordered the Small (38 cm girth) it might be a little tight.</p>

Product Video

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