Puppy Harness and Lead Set | Cat Harness

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Puppy Harness and Lead Set | Cat Harness


An ideal harness for a cat, new puppy or small dog - offers full support for those early weeks and months

If you have a small puppy, why spend a lot of money on a product they are going to grow out of quickly. This is why we decided to sell this popular puppy harness and lead set as it is a great starter set. Once your puppy gets the stage where it is growing more slowly you could then concentrate on a longer-term harness.

This style of dog and cat harness will suit a very small breed of fully sized dog, or a small to medium breed puppy. It can also be used as a cat harness and is very quick to put on and take off. Please take a look at the size guide tab to see if it will fit your dog or cat.

There is a larger reinforced band around the middle which provides great support for your puppy around the torso. If you have a puppy, this can be used in its first days, weeks and months, until upgrading to a harness that will have a greater adjustment range. This puppy harness and lead set is also suitable for fully grown cats, but please do check the size guide before ordering.

In the early stages of puppy development the harness can withstand pulling and wear and tear. It will give your puppy supports and allows for the inquisitive nature of dogs, kittens and adult cats. The main advantage is that it can be put on and taken off so quickly and is such great value.

The main features of this puppy harness and lead set are:

  • Light and comfortable
  • Does not go over the dog's or cat's head
  • Reinforced material around torso
  • Quality webbing for strength
  • Reflective strip for night time
  • Simple, leg through fit for speedy toilet breaks!
  • Strong velcro fasteners
  • Double metal clip
  • Comes with a free matching lead

Please see the images to observe the colours and design. 

As they are soft and well designed they should not cause chafing or rubbing. The adjustable strap and velcro can be expanded and reduced to fine tune the fit. 

Size Guide

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<p><strong>Size chart</strong></p>
<p><strong><img alt="" class=" lazyloaded" data-src="" src=""></strong></p>
<table width="100%">
<td>Chest/Rib Cage Girth (cm)</td>
<td>Rough dog weight</td>
<td>x small&nbsp;</td>
<td>26-29 cm</td>
<td>1.5 kg</td>
<td>30-34 cm</td>
<td><span>1.5 - 3kg</span></td>
<td>35-40 cm</td>
<td><span>3 - 4.5kg</span></td>
<td>41-46 cm</td>
<td><span>4.5 - 7kg</span></td>
<td>x large&nbsp;</td>
<td><span>7.5 - 10kg</span></td>
<p>Please use the size chart as a guide only. Please do double&nbsp;<strong>check the size of your dog against the size chart before ordering</strong>.</p>


Product Video

<p>A product video and review talking about materials, fitting and uses as a starter puppy harness and lead set.</p>
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Q&A & Fitting

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<h3>Are they easy to fit?</h3>
<p>Yes. To fit the harness, all you have to do is:</p>
<li>Undo the velcro band</li>
<li>Place the legs through the leg holes and fasten</li>
<p>The harnesses are designed to be fitted quickly and easily.<br></p>
<h3>Can they be used for really small puppies?</h3>
<p>This puppy harness and lead set are a particularly good choice for very small puppies because they have a wider band to support fragile areas of the torso. The harness covers a little more of the body than a strap only harness and offers a bit more support.&nbsp; This puppy harness and lead set is ideal as a starter harness for when you firt bring the puppy home and introduce it to wearing a harness in a subtle way.<br></p>
<h3>Are they good for smaller adult dogs as well?</h3>
<p>Yes, this puppy harness and lead set is a good choice for fully grown smaller dogs and offer a soft strong fabric to support the smaller bodies and rib cages of some small dog breeds.</p>
<h3>Up to what size dog can these harnesses be used on?</h3>
<p>They are suitable for dogs up to spaniel size but will not be suitable for large dogs that pull hard and excessively. If you have a large dog that pulls, you should take a look at our other no pull harnesses.</p>
<h3>What size cat can these be used for?</h3>
<p>They are suitable for most cats but please double check the size guide to get the right one. They are regarded as an excellent choice for cats because they are very quick to fit without the need for the harness to go over the cat's head. It also provides a good level of support for the cat's rib cage and offers a sturdy and comfortable fit.</p>
<h3>How do we measure our dog or cat for this harness?<br>
<p>1. Take a tape measure and run it around your dog's rib cage just behind the front legs as shown in the small size guide image. You can then match this measurement to one shown in the size guide.&nbsp;</p>


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