What Do Men Think About Before They Get A Dog

So where do we start. For those of you who own one or several dogs, you'll relate to the fact that each and every one of them is wonderful and unique in equal measure.

But what about the days, weeks, months and years leading up to the time that you eventually accept a dog into your lives. Was it a quick decision or were you still thinking about the inevitable sacrifices in the days before you brought that adorable bundle of fluff and cuteness home? 

yellow labrador pup

I thought I'd share some of my thoughts, reservations and concerns in an effort to give people some insight into...

What Do I Need To Do Before I Start Running With My Dog

Did you hear about the guy in California, who with the help of his Weimaraner dog broke the unofficial human-dog 1 mile record?

They both clocked an incredible 4:13, which is a brilliant time. To be honest 4:13 is a bit quick for me, even if I had one heck of a tail wind and an energetic and enthusiastic canine pulling me along I wouldn't get close to that.


I am more of a 6 minute mile guy and around 80 minutes for 10 miles so you could say my speedy days are behind me. But as a 47 year old guy who has now found a...

Attaching a double ended dog lead to a harness

When we exhibit at UK events, one of the main questions people ask, is "How do I stop my dog from pulling me on walks," followed quickly by "I have tried everything and nothing seems to work."

A lot of people think that the main reason for your dog pulling is down to your dog's desire to get from A-B and in many cases we agree with this theory. However, we also believe that a lot of it comes down to how much control you have over your dog and more to the point, how much control your dog knows you have over it when you are walking. 

double ended dog lead

  • Dec 18 2016
  • Written by: Andy Long
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