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Cooling Mats For Dogs

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How Do Cooling Mats Work

Cooling mats are a 'no shock' option designed to gently cool your dog and gradually lower their core temperature, so they feel more comfortable in hot ambient conditions. They work by using phase change technology and these cooling mats for dogs will give your dog welcome relief on those very hot days.

There is no doubt that the summers seem to be getting hotter and this is not always great news for your dog and cat. Many people suffer in these hot conditions, so you can imagine what it is like for our dogs and cats.

panting hot dog

Whether your pet has a short or long nose, or your cat has thick fur or none at all, your pets can overheat quickly.

So what are the options?

Well, you are probably walking your dog very early or very late in the day already. Or you are making sure that you provide cold water at all times - but what other options are there?

Well, one thing you can do is add something that will make your dog, cat or pet comfortable in the heat. And this can be something they can go to for relief whenever they want.

In our opinion, "that one thing" is not a cooling coat and that is because we don't think they work. We firmly believe that anything that adds an extra layer (wet or dry) is a bad thing in already warm conditions and that is why we have researched other options extensively.

After 3 months of trials, we found that cool mats were the best option. We found that one particular type of pet cooling mat gave us 100% confidence...

So why choose this dog cooling mat?

We know there are cheaper cooling mats for dogs on the market containing gel, including those found in some of the big stores. But we decided to stock a mat that has consistent cooling and recharging technology built-in. The mats found on this website contain phase change materials which give off a cooling sensation. This technology helps to keep your pet cool in warm weather or high ambient temperatures. The phase change plus recharging technology is a consistent way to produce a cool surface without the need to put the mat in a freezer and freeze the contents. Can you imagine the shock to your dog if it put an ice pack on!

If you are looking for a cooling product for your dog or cat, then these mats will do the job very well in periods of hot weather and/or after play or heavy activities. They can also be used in the car.

Dogs in hot cars!

Disclaimer: We just wanted to point out that our cooling mats should only be used in cars that are moving and mobile. In no way do we encourage people to use a cooling mat for dogs in a car that is stationary or parked, especially in hot weather conditions. Dogs have been left in hot cars and subsequently died, so mats should not be used as a device to cool in these situations. Please do not leave your dog in a hot car - there, we have said it!

The cooling mats are made up of a hard-wearing PVC fabric and they can be folded and stored away easily.

How the cooling dog and pet mat works

pcm material for coolingThe phase change material in the dog and pet cooling mat contains non-toxic crystals. 

When your pet lies on the mat the solid crystals inside it absorb the heat from your pet's body and it will give off a cooling effect for your dog or cat, which helps it to cool down.

After several hours of absorbing body heat, the mat will eventually turn to a thicker liquid state and it will no longer cool. When it is in this liquid state it is time to recharge it. You can recharge the mat by putting it in a cool dark room overnight. Alternatively, you can put it in the fridge for a couple of hours. This will speed up the process of getting it from a liquid to a crystal state again. 

This type of cooling mat for dogs provides consistent cooling by using phase change technology and we believe they provide excellent results.

No need for water, freezing or electricity

They do not need filling with water, they need no electricity and they do not need to be put in the freezer. We decided against gel or water-filled mats because we did not want to provide what are basically big ice packs. 

Think of the shock your dog or cat will get when it lies on something that is ice cold! This can be dangerous, especially if your pet is very hot. Our mats provide sufficient, consistent cooling in a more controlled way. This means no ice-cold spots.

Where should they be placed?

The cooling mats can be placed out of direct sunlight, ideally in a shaded spot where your dog or cat feels at home or is comfortable going back to. For dogs, this can be anywhere in a shaded place or one of their favourite spots in the house. For cats, it is usually one or two spots and this could be in the shade, in their bed or even under a bush or tree.

Remember, if it is a super hot day and the ambient temperature is high, you can place the mat in the fridge for one hour. This will cool it down quickly and provides a fully recharged mat in less time than placing it in a cool room overnight.

This is a real review from a customer that needed no invite or prompting...

..."This is a must have!!!! This has definitely saved my Westie's life..... the heatwave we have had has been torture for her. Best product on the market and excellent quality." Georgie, Essex.

Choosing the best size for your dog or cat

Please choose the right size dog and pet cooling mat based on the size of your dog or cat.

They come in sizes 30 x 40 cms (for small dog breeds including chihuahua and small terrier, 50 x 65 cms up to large spaniel and 45 x 90 cms, which are suitable for most large dog breeds. 

You will see these three options in the drop-down boxes above. Make a note of these measurements and mark a rectangle on the floor to see if each mat will be a good match for your dog.

Dogs will usually place their bellies on the mat with legs out in front or will lay on their side, so it is not always necessary to purchase the biggest size unless you have a large dog. Due to customer feedback, some dogs have been known to turn over and cool the other side to get the most from the mats! Cats will usually sit on them, lie with their paws out front, or curl up on their side if they feel super comfortable. Cats will only need a 30 x 40 cm mat.

Small Size

30 x 40 cms - These cool mats will be ample size for any cat, small pet or small dog like a chihuahua, Yorkshire terrier or Jack Russel.

Medium Size

50 x 65 cms - Up to medium-sized dogs (Boston Terrier, French Bulldog, Kings Charles spaniel, cocker spaniel, Staffordshire bull terrier. These cool mats will be ample size for any medium-sized dog.

Large Size

45 x 90 - For larger dogs including Collie, labrador, retrievers, Rottweiler and above.

They are great as cooling pads for dogs and cats as they give off a cooling sensation and come in three main sizes. They do not require placing in a fridge or freezer but this may increase the initial cooling effect and the time it stays cool.

How do I recharge the mat?

After a few hours of absorbing your pet's body heat, the mat will no longer cool and it needs to be recharged. The best way to recharge it is to place it in a cool, dark room overnight. However, the recharge process can take a lot less time is you place the mat in a fridge for around 1 hour. 

How do I clean the pet cooling mat?

Cleaning the mat is very simple. As this is a tough but flexible PVC fabric it just needs a quick wipe after a few days of use. Simply wring a wet cloth out to leave some water in it and then spray 3 bursts of a standard anti-bacterial kitchen spray onto the cloth. Then wipe the mat all over with the anti-bacterial side and then wipe off with the water soaked side. You should then leave the mat to dry for a an hour when it is opened out or dry it with a clean dry cloth.

How long does the mat stay cool for?

When your pet gets hot and lies on the pad the cooling effect of the phase change substance offers a cooling sensation that lasts for up to 5 hours. This cooling mat for dogs can also be placed in the car, which is ideal for longer journeys and if your dog is travelling with you in the car during hotter temperatures. 

Disclaimer: We do not recommend leaving your pet in a car or vehicle for any length of time during hot weather conditions. As it will usually take around 10 minutes for your car to cool down on a hot day (when applying air conditioning or with open windows) these mats are ideal to cool your dog during this period.

Do I need to store the mat?

When not in use, it should be placed and stored in a cool storage area or cupboard away from direct heat or sunlight. These cooling mats for dogs have high-quality webbing around the edges to seal in the phase change material and to offer a more robust product. This will NOT rip or tear easily. If you are looking for a high-quality product that will keep your dog or pet cool in the heat then these mats will do the job very well.

Prevent dehydration and overheating. If you are worried about keeping dogs and cats cool in hot weather then these are a very popular option. The mats can also help with aches and pains, swellings and bumps and even stress! No need to wet the mat and no need for electricity or a power unit. 


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews Write a review