Waterproof Dog Coat With Harness Hole


Waterproof Dog Coat With Harness Hole

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A super light and versatile waterproof Coat

Incorporating a light, breathable fabric this waterproof dog coat with harness hole is extremely versatile. Can be folded and stored easily and dries quickly.

It consists of a hard wearing, tough nylon outer and a mesh inner for more breath-ability. It comes in Black or purple and has a harness and lead hole on the top so you can place a harness underneath the coat and attach a lead to the harness ring through the coat.

It also adds some reflective materials which shows up in car headlights or street lights if walking in the dark.

Before you order your waterproof coat, please take a look at the sizing table below. You can then measure your dog around the girth (see measurement 1). And then the length from the back of the neck (around the shoulder blades) to the start of the tail. 

"The coats are very light and dry in no time. We walk our two in all weathers and these keep the majority of the rain off their backs and chest area. We just dry their legs before getting them in the car so the coats do save us some time - and the dogs don't get cold. A very nice product that does the job well" Charlotte Dingley, Wolverhampton, UK

The velcro straps ensure a secure fit around the torso and also the neck. There is enough material to do any minor adjustments to fit.

Please note: The ideal length for a coat is to fit is just short of the base of the tail. However, It is better for the length to be a few centimetres short  or long than to be too tight around the chest. Remember, please see the size chart for more information. 

Yes, they are simple to fit. They are designed to be 'quick fit' and to cover the most important areas of the back, neck and torso. There is a velcro fastening around the collar and two at the sides. You can open up the coat completely and put it around the dog's neck if you don't want it to be put on over the dog's head. This waterproof dog coat with harness hole provides a quick fit solution and will keep your dog super dry.

Please note: The breeds mentioned in the coat size guide are just for information and should be used as a rough guide only. Please ensure that you measure your dog before you purchase!

The coat can be washed at a low machine wash temperature (we'd advise 30 - 35 degrees) and/or hand wash at around 40 degrees.

Coat Size  Coat Length (this is measurement 1)
Chest Girth In cms (this is measurement 2)
small (Yorkshire Terrier etc) 33 cms 44 - 52 cms
medium (Pug, small Spaniel) 38 cms 50 - 60 cms
large (Boston Terrier, Border Terrier) 48 cms 62 - 72 cms
x large (Beagle, Small staff) 58 cms 72 - 82 cms
xx large (Border Colliie etc) 68 cms 82 - 94 cms
xxx large (Boxer, Labrador) 76 cms 94 - 106 cms


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review