French bulldog harness | UK Shipped | Frenchie Harness

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French bulldog harness | UK Shipped | Frenchie Harness


Comfort, flexibility and security for short, wide and stocky breeds

An ideal choice as a french bulldog harness and would also suit many other bull breeds, or those with short, wide and stocky bodies. The chest area is a little deeper than many harnesses on the market and this is matched by the longer, reinforced top strap which connects to the lead attachment ring. This larger and deeper area provides your frenchie with the support it needs around the chest and neck. See the size guide tab above to ensure that you get the correct size.

It is a very popular choice for UK customers and it offers a super strong, yet comfortable chest plate which reflects light on those darks walks and the sizing works well with wide, short and stocky breeds. The front fabric is flexible and water resistant and includes a breathable mesh on the inside. Pulling forces are distributed around the lower chest and not higher on the trachea (windpipe) - reassuring for owners, especially those with short-nosed dogs. 

There is a lot of adjustment on both sides of the chest and neck and you can fine tune the straps to give the very best fit - the buckles also lock the french bulldog harness firmly in place. The top ring for your lead has been secured using a doubled over strong nylon, which adds maximum strength and peace of mind.

This Frenchie harness is very easy to adjust, so will suit owners and handlers with limited strength and/or arthritis and other joint problems.

In a choice of light blue, dark blue and orange, it also has a range of 39-94 cm in the chest area and 27cm to 74 cm in the neck. This french bulldog harness range is covered in sizes small, medium, large and extra large - please check the size guide before ordering....and please measure your dog correctly.

The main features of this harness are:

  • Larger and deeper chest plate and top strap 
  • Ideal as a french bulldog harness and for other bull breeds
  • Reflective for those dark walks
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Has a super strong top ring lead attachment point
  • This frenchie harness is easy to adjust and has a massive range
  • Does not get heavy when wet
  • Strong buckles secures the harness in place
  • Breathable fabric and quick drying
  • Ideal for dogs with deep chests 
  • Available in three popular colours

This harness is a favourite with french bulldog owners and those with short and stocky breeds. All harnesses are shipped from the UK

Size Guide

<div role="tabpanel" class="tab-pane active" id="tabs-4">

<p><img src="//" alt="measurment for dog harness chest only"></p>
<table width="100%">
<td><strong>To fit lower chest/ribcage in cms</strong></td>
<td><strong>To Fit Neck</strong></td>
<td>39-48 cms<br>
<td>27-33 cms<br>
<td>x large</td>
<p>This french bulldog harness has a lot of adjustment in the neck, chest/rib cage straps, but please use the chest measurements above as the guide. A harness that fits around the chest should offer enough adjustment to fit around the neck, but also double check the neck measurement.</p>
<p><strong>Please note</strong>: It is<span>&nbsp;</span><strong>VERY</strong><span>&nbsp;</span>important that you measure your dog's chest/belly area before you order a dog harness. Please do not guess the size as this can result in a return where you will pay for the return postage.&nbsp;</p>


<div role="tabpanel" class="tab-pane active" id="tabs-3">

<h3><strong>Will it fit all dog breeds?</strong></h3>
<p>This dog harness will fit many breeds and seems popular with owners of french bulldogs, Boston Terriers, pugs and also other bull breeds and/or those with short, wide and stocky bodies.<br></p>
<h3><strong>Is it easy to adjust?</strong></h3>
<p>Yes.&nbsp;The straps are very secure but it can be adjusted very easily - making it a really good choice for someone with weak fingers or suffers from arthritis and other joint issues.</p>
<h3><b>How heavy is this harness?</b></h3>
<p>It is very lightweight but offers a great deal of support. It also remains light, even when wet<b>.</b></p>
<h3><b>Is this harness suitable for other breeds apart from a Frenchie?</b></h3>
<p>Absolutely. It will fit most dog breeds, but has been a very popular choice for those breeds of a short and stocky nature. If you take a look at the size guide and then measure your dog, you'll know if this harness will fit and be suitable for your dog.</p>
<h3><strong>How secure is the lead attachment point on this Frenchie harness?</strong></h3>
<p>This has been reinforced with a doubled-over nylon strap which makes it super strong!<br></p>
<h3><b>Why is this well suited to short, wide and stocky dogs dogs?</b></h3>
<p>The chest plate and top strap is a little longer and wider and this provides a bigger surface area to support the chest and neck. The pulling forces are distributed around the lower part of the chest and not on the neck.<br></p>
<h3><b>Which size do I need?</b></h3>
<p>Please refer to the size guide tab and use that as a reference. Please do not guess the size as harness manufacturers have very different sizing. Please measure your dog with a tape, especially around the neck and chest - the chest measurement should be the girth around the widest part of the chest, just behind the front legs. Please see the size guide and video for more info.</p>
<h3><strong>What are the available colours?</strong></h3>
<p>This version&nbsp;comes in Orange and two cool shades of blue.</p>
<h3><b>How strong are the lead clips?</b></h3>
<p>They are very strong and made from a light alloy metal.</p>
<h3><b>Where are the items shipped from and how long will they take to get to me?</b></h3>
<p>All of our dog harnesses are stored and shipped from the UK. All UK deliveries should take 2-3 working days to get to you but please allow up to 4 working days during busy periods.&nbsp;</p>



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