Leather Studded Dog Collar | Padded | Blue | Brown | Black | Pink | Red


Leather Studded Dog Collar | Padded | Blue | Brown | Black | Pink | Red

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dog wearing brown studded leather collar

A really classic looking leather studded dog collar in five different colours. These include a very cool looking black, brown, blue, pink and red.

There is a central metal spike surrounded by studs on each side. Please see the different images for an idea of the design. The collars are a high-quality, functional item as well as being very fashionable. 

The brown collar modelled beautifully by the handsome Bruce is the small size. He is a 9-month-old whippet with a 25 cm neck when the tape is tight. Therefore, we allowed 2-3 cms to give him a little more comfort. There was plenty of room left on the collar to adjust and it was a very nice fit. Please make sure that you follow the size guide below and measure your dog's neck before ordering.

Remember, not all dog collars are sized in the same way. If your dog is normally in a small collar it does not necessarily mean that a small collar in this style will fit. Please measure your dog before ordering a spiked and studded collar.

To fit, just place the leather studded dog collar around your dog's neck. You can then select the hole that still gives your dog room around the neck. Tuck the end of the collar into the retainers and you are done. to test, place your little finger in the gap left around the neck and if there is just a slight pinch then the collar fits correctly. Please do not make the collar too tight for your dog as this can be uncomfortable and cause injury.

What are the collars made from?

This leather studded dog collar is made from a thick layer of genuine leather and a thinner layer of soft, padded and tough material next to the dog's fur/skin for a comfortable fit. The spikes and studs are metal and compliment the collar beautifully. The spikes are not sharp to the touch and have rounded ends. The fastening clip on the collar is very strong and is kept in place with heavily sewn leather and two studs on either side,



Before you order please do the following:

1. Take a tape measure and run it around your dog's neck. Make a note of this measurement.

2. Allow a little room for comfort and then choose then match this measurement with the sizes in the table above.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review