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At Wiggles and Wags, we have a very simple philosophy. Always make sure we remain large enough to offer a good variety of dog walking products and accessories, but always be mindful of the fact that we should always be small enough to care.

We realise that a few of the huge resellers can offer super fast delivery and a vast assortment of products. But what we try to do at Wiggles and Wags is give you a tried and tested selection at a very competitive price point. Our brands are trusted, have excellent manufacturing processes and produce high quality products - and if you want it, we can offer next day delivery too!

One other thing that really separates us from the competition is our support. As a small business, we can offer a very personal service. Don't know which harness or lead to choose. Not sure which one is best for your dog, or if it will even fit? Just call us on our dedicated number 07804 478618 and we'll have a REAL person on the other end of the phone. Not only that, but they'll have a huge amount of experience in fitting our dog products to hundreds of different dogs and will know the products inside out. Now that's real customer service. 

Oh, and to make us even more competitive, we have introduced an automatic bundle discount to our store, so you'll see discounts as you add more than 1 item to your cart. This means a matching harness, double ended lead and collar is even better value for money. So, let's move onto our brands...


truelove at wiggles and wags uk

Truelove are a well respected brand and was founded in 2008. The company has a global product output of over 300 milion units per year and they employ over 800 people.

Represented in 65 countries around the world, they are a quality brand and a global player.

Wiggles and Wags have been working with Truleove since 2012 and they are constantly pushing the boundaries in product design.

This is evident in the best-selling range of reflective and no pull dog harnesses, leads and collars. You can see how popular they are by viewing the large number of customer pics we have on the product pages. Click here to see the Truelove range.

Brother Cat Dog

brother cat dog at wiggles and wags uk

Brother Cat Dog is another manufacturer that has really pushed the boundaries of what's possible, in terms of good design and useability. Wiggles and Wags have been working with them since 2020.

Following a test of their low profile no escape harness on our own Whippet, we decided to stock and sell this range, as well as the smaller option for the car.

This is now one of our best sellers and customers agree their range offers value, quality and great flexibility. This range offers great flexibility, lightweight materials and a low profile design. You can see the Whippet harness and car harness here.


chillr dog cooling mats at wiggles and wags uk

When it gets warm, the Chillr products are very popular. Their range of dog cooling mats work by utilising phase change technologies, a safer method of colling than gel ice packs straight from the freezer!

This range has been a best seller since 2019 and there are sizes to suit most dog breeds. We opted for a mat instead of a coat that just add layers (!!) and this has been a popular choice. You can see our cooling mats for dogs here.

So that's a bit more information about us and our best selling brands. We are always looking for new suppliers that can offer a range to enhance our portfolio and shopping experience. Please do get in touch if you have something in mind.



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