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Wiggles and wags is the pet products division of our limited company. We have been selling online since 1998 and we manufacture our dog drying coats in the UK.

We are a main UK reseller and stockists of genuine Truelove dog harnesses and walking products and this includes a range of harnesses, leads, collars and other dog walking products that can be used in a number of different situations and locations. Please see a reseller letter and confirmation from the manufacturers, which ensures that you are buying a genuine Truelove product.

authorised reseller letter from Truelove dog products

Our team is very focused on the job in hand - whether we make products ourselves, or we use reputable suppliers and manufacturers. 

Every wiggles and wags team member is a self-employed person with a vast range of experience. Our people are paid fairly for our own operations and manufacturing and we are very much against what are commonly known as ‘sweatshop’ operations. We therefore check manufacturing and working standards from our suppliers and we insist these are fair to working staff at all times.

We think that what we have is quite rare and we hope you will see the difference when your pet wears or uses the products we sell through this website.


We have a return and full refund policy on all products that fall apart or completely lose their shape within 30 days. Obviously normal wear and tear is expected on coats and any other products, but we will always back up our products with a full refund if we find that poor or inferior workmanship is the most obvious cause within the 30 day period.

If the item is without fault, consumers have the right to send the item back without a replacement item being sent back to them. In this case, we shall refund the full item amount, as long as the item is in 'as sent' condition and sent back to us within 30 days after the day the item was received by the customer. The buyer will pay the return postage charge.

If the buyer requires a different size to replace another item we will ask the buyer to pay the difference in price if the replacement product has a higher value. 

Please note: We accept no responsibility if you return an item and it gets lost in the post. Please use proof of postage tracking when you return items. 

Disruption to services through Covid, lockdowns or govermental restrictions - During a pandemic or period of major disruption we still aim to get products to you within 2-3 working days from the time you place your order. This may be extended to 3-5 working days in some circumstances. We pride ourselves on good customer service and we always welcome calls to our sales hotline 07804 478618. You can also reach us at

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