Dog Harness Not Over Head TLH56512

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Dog Harness Not Over Head TLH56512


A fully padded harness from Truelove with a quick release 'unclip/fasten around the neck' option

The True love dog harness (TLH56512) is an upgraded version of the ever-popular TLH5651 and is a dog harness that doesn't go over the head of your dog.

Who are Trulove? With a global product output of over 300 milion per year, Truelove employs over 800 people and has over 15 years experience in manufacturing high-end dog walking products that last. This version of their flagship harness now includes a 'not over head' neck clip. This is a popular addition to this UK best seller and is ideal if you don't want to place the neck part of a harness over your dog's head. See the sizes guide tab above for more information and sizes.

The sizing and overall dimensions are the same as the TLH5651 and both are available to buy with a variety of matching set items. These include a double ended training lead, reflective dog collar and reflective dog lead. These harnesses can either be used as a no pull harness for dogs that pull excessively or as an every day harness for dogs that walk well on the lead. Therefore, It can also carry out its duties as a tough everyday use harness. See the FAQ tab above to get your questions answered. Qualify for 7-15% discount when you also purchase one of the matching set items.

The main features of this True love dog harness are:

  • A padded, comfortable chest/rib cage plate and top back plate
  • Quick release clip on neck so dog harness doesn't go over head
  • Top and front clip lead option so can prevent pulling
  • Reinforced handle on top for added security
  • Fully reflective 3M materials built-in ensures you are seen
  • Suits small to very large dogs
  • Large range of adjustment on neck and chest
  • Very strong, light metal rings for leads
  • Shock absorber system built into rib cage plate for extra comfort
  • Front pouch for tag or bags
  • Range of striking colours
  • Options for matching sets
  • Save 7-15% when you buy matching set items!

This updated True love harness is available in Orange, black, blue, red, purple, brown and pink and the lead and collar matching sets are available here.

Please use the breed/size chart below as A GUIDE ONLY. Please click on the orange size guide tab above this description to see the size ranges for each harness. It is important that you measure your dog before ordering. Please do not guess as all dog harnesses are not the same! 

Complete the Look

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<p>If you have purchased a True love dog harness as an individual item, you may want to consider completing the look by purchasing other items to create a matching set. These include a <strong><a title="go to reflective dog lead page" href="/products/soft-reflective-high-vis-dog-lead">r<span style="text-decoration: underline;">eflective dog lead</span></a></strong>&nbsp;<span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong><a title="Reflective dog collar from Truelove" href="/products/truelove-reflective-dog-collars">reflective dog collar</a></strong></span> or&nbsp;<span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong><a title="double ended training lead from Truelove" href="/products/double-ended-training-lead">double ended training lead</a></strong></span>. Our <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong><a href="/collections/matching-sets-for-tlh5651-and-tlh56512" title="Go to Truelove matching sets page">Truelove matching sets</a></strong></span> are designed to coordinate the design and colour schemes, along with the reflective properties of each item. Add matching set items to your cart and see&nbsp;<strong>7-15% discounts</strong> automatically show <strong>on the checkout page</strong> just before you add your payment details.</p>
<span style="text-align: left;"><img style="margin-right: 10px; margin-bottom: 10px; float: left;" alt="Truelove Matching Set Orange" class=" lazyloaded" data-src="" width="390" height="261" src=""></span>
<p>As you can see here, this dog is modelling a matching set which comprises of a Truelove reflective collar, harness and double clip lead.</p>
<p>If you didn't feel the need to buy a double clip lead, a standard one will do just as well for those dogs that do not pull.&nbsp;</p>
<p>The reflective matching sets are available in a range of colours including Orange, Purple, Brown, Black, Yellow, Red, Blue, Pink. The double ended leads are only available in Orange, Blue, Yellow, Pink and Black.</p>
<p>So why not complete the look with a high quality matching set from Truelove. Happy dog walking!</p>


Size Guide

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<p><img alt="" class=" lazyloaded" data-src="" src=""></p>
<p>The TLH56512 True love dog harness has a lot of adjustments in the neck and chest area. If you think that your dog is an odd size, please use the chest measurements above as the guide. A harness that fits around the chest should offer enough adjustment to fit around the neck. Please see recommended sizes above to give yourself a little room. If you are close to the max size, you may want to opt for the next size up.</p>
<p><strong>Please note</strong>: It is<span>&nbsp;</span><strong>VERY</strong><span>&nbsp;</span>important that you measure your dog's chest/belly area before you order a dog harness. Please do not guess the size as this can result in a return where you will pay for the return postage.&nbsp;</p>



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<h3><strong>Will it fit all dog breeds?</strong></h3>
<p>We have fitted this True love dog harness at dog shows to very small and very large breeds, so in our experience they are suitable for all sizes and breeds of dog. However, please do check minimum and maximum sizes in the size tab before ordering.<br></p>
<h3><strong>Does this harness have to go over my dog's head?</strong></h3>
<p>No. You have a choice of undoing a clip on the neck if you prefer not to put it over your dog's head.&nbsp;<span data-mce-fragment="1">We know from experience that there are many dogs out there who do not like things going over the head. This is therefore a welcome addition for people (and dogs) that want it. If it is not such a big deal, then the previous version of this Truelove dog harness&nbsp;is just as good in terms of performance. But as this model has a neck clip it means that it is a dog harness that doesn't go over your dog's head if you choose to use the clip.</span></p>
<h3><b>Can this be used as an every day, standard harness?</b></h3>
<p>Yes. We sell a lot of harnesses to customers who just want to use it as a standard harness and to attach a standard lead to the top fixing only.&nbsp;</p>
<h3><b>How can this harness help to stop my dog pulling?</b></h3>
<p>This harness from Truelove offers a design that fits around the front torso and includes a front and top fastening point. You can use a double ended lead, by attaching one end to the front clip and the other end to the top clip. This combination classes it mechanically as a no-pull harness.</p>
<h3><strong>How does the neck clip open and shut?</strong></h3>
<p>This True love dog harness has a clip which allows you to release and fasten it around your dog's neck, rather than placing a fixed neck opening over the head. The clip is simply tilted at an angle and placed through the slit to release - you do the opposite to fasten again. </p>
<h3><strong>What are the front and top lead rings used for?</strong></h3>
<p>As this type of harness has both a top and front clip lead attachment point, they are designed to help stop your dog from pulling when out on walks. The principle behind this is very simple. The top clip around your dogs upper back acts as a brake and the front clip is used to gently steer your dog. This subtle steering motion works naturally with a double ended lead when the end goes tight at the front.</p>
<h3><b>How do I fit the harness?</b></h3>
<p>Simply undo the neck part by unclipping the special quick-release retainer, place it around your dog's neck and then clip it shut. You can then place the front part of the chest plate under the front legs. You would then bring the straps up around the dog's side and fasten on each side. Please see the quick fit video in the tab above for a demonstration of how to fit.&nbsp;</p>
<h3><b>Which size do I need?</b></h3>
<p>Please refer to the size guide tab and use that as a reference. Please do not guess the correct size as manufacturers have very different sizing. Simply, run a tape behind the front legs and around the girth of the chest, as shown in the size guide tab. You can then match this to the sizes of each harness. If you are very close to the next size up it is advised that you opt for the larger size.</p>
<h3><strong>What are the available colours?</strong></h3>
<p>This version of the True love dog harness is available in black, orange, pink, blue, purple, brown and red and there are various matching set options in these colours for collars and leads.</p>
<h3><strong>Is this harness High Vis / can be seen on dark walks?</strong></h3>
<p>Each harness is fitted with 3M Scotchlite reflective strips on the main body and straps. This means that your dog can be seen easily when car headlights or street lights are directed towards it. It also has a loop for an LED light so you can easily attach a flashing light for even more visibility.&nbsp;</p>
<b>So why does a double-ended lead make such a difference to this harness?</b>&nbsp;</h3>
<p>It will make a significant difference if you have a dog that pulls hard. A double ended lead attached to the front and top clip will help to halt and steer your dog in a controlled, subtle way.</p>
<h3><b>What are the materials used in the dog harnesses?</b></h3>
<p>They are polyester with 3M scotchlite materials to help with high viz during dark walks.</p>
<h3><b>What type of adjustment points does it have?</b></h3>
<p>This style of not over the head harness has four main adjustment points. You can adjust the neck size and also unclip the neck to fit. The adjustment points on the main chest/belly area also have lots of range.</p>
<h3><b>What type of lead/leash fastenings does it have?</b></h3>
<p>This True love dog harness has a front clip which can be used as a steering mechanism to help stop your dog from pulling. This is best used in conjunction with a double ended lead.</p>
<b>Can this harness be used in the car?</b><br>
<p>Yes. you can put a seat belt through the handle and clip in, or use a strap with a seat belt clip.</p>
<h3><b>Where are the items shipped from and how long will they take to get to me?</b></h3>
<p>All of our dog harnesses are stored and shipped from the UK. All UK deliveries should take 2-3 working days to get to you but please allow up to 4 working days during busy periods. If you reside outside of the UK, your dog harness should be with you within 5-9 working days.</p>


Product Video

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Quick Video

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Adjustment Video

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Susan Leeming
Quality Harness

Need a harness that didn't need to go over my dogs head. This is perfect! Top quality, strong and well padded. I'm glad I bought two, they're fabulous.

Brian Stocker
Great harness for our Beardie

We have been using a training harness for Milo for some time but brought when he was a puppy so has become too small. This new harness is perfect. Fits him well and provides good padding around the neck so works well as a walking aid when he pulls which he does when excited. Overall very pleased and having a holding handle on the back is a bonus when I need him to stay still. We brought an orange one which is highly reflective and a matching lead.

Helen Waring
Great fit and quality

This is a great harness - the quality of all the fixtures and fittings means it fits well because it is adjustable at different points. The grab handle is super useful and the two lead attachment points are sturdy and don’t move through the fixings. The metal clasp in the head strap is great at making the harness slip off without the need to go over the head - I do the clasp up to put it on since our dog can manage this but then I undo it when taking it off. Very simple and perfect for the job. The price was competitive, the fit instructions clear and delivery was super quick. All round, I am very pleased.

Carol Barker
Great harness

My dogs eyesight has got quite bad, and she got very scared when the old harness went over her head, now we don’t have a problem.


Fits really well, easy to put on and take off

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