Dog Training Long Line or Lead in 6 and 10 Metre Lengths


Dog Training Long Line or Lead in 6 and 10 Metre Lengths

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A dog training long lead in 6m and 10m lengths. Ideal for training a puppy or older dog or for those situations where you would like the comfort of a longer lead to grab hold of!

Some people use the term 'Dog training lead' or 'dog training long line.' In this case they mean the same thing, in terms of both utilising a long piece of material with the width of a normal lead and fastening clip to attach to a collar or harness.

A lot of people use these long dog lines to give their dog more freedom (more lead) when walking or out and about, but they still retain overall control as they have hold of the other end. 

Please note that this should not be used as a standard lead to walk your dog. It is far too long for this purpose and should be used as a training aid.

The material is a cotton and nylon mix, which is both strong and does not absorb as much water as other materials. This means that you don't have to get rid of high amounts of excess water if the lead/line moves through wet ground.

Please be careful when using a long line and always try to judge distances and potential hazards and traffic when letting your dog roam on an extended line. You should also be aware of other passers by, dog owners and other dogs at all times.

These dog training long lines or leads can be purchased in 6 metre or 10 metre lengths and in a choice of red or black.