General -

Q. Why do you use people in the UK to make some of your products?

A. Rewarding independent craftsmen and women living in the UK is a fundamental part of our business ethic. If people can see that our products are sourced and made in the UK (and get an insight into the processes involved) then they are more likely to trust the source and quality of the end product.

Q. Is there a returns policy for faulty items?

A. Yes, we have a return and full refund policy on all products that fall apart or completely lose their shape within 30 days. Obviously normal wear and tear is expected on pet beds, coats and any other products, but we will always back up our products with a full refund if we find that poor or inferior workmanship is the most obvious cause.

Q. Is there a returns policy for items that have been ordered in the wrong size?

A. We also have a returns procedure for items that have been incorrectly sized by the buyer. If the buyer buys a product in the wrong size and would like to send the item back without a replacement item being sent back to them, we shall refund the full amount as long as the item is in 'as sent' condition.

However, if the buyer requires a different size to replace the returned item we shall deduct our postage charges from the difference, if the replacement item has a higher value. If the replacement item has a lower value than the original item then we shall ask the buyer to include additional postage funds to the package they sent the returned item in.

Q. What are your delivery charges? A. For all UK deliveries there is no charge if your order is £40 or above. Shipping charges for the UK starts at just £0.95 up to a maximum of £8.95. For deliveries outside of the UK please see the related product pages or the main shipping page in the website footer for more information.

Memory foam pet beds -

Q. Why are your memory foam beds a great choice? A. We choose our materials carefully and we know exactly where they have come from. We use great cover fabrics and ensure that quality standards are maintained at all times. We do not use shredded memory foam like other suppliers as we feel this does not offer the required comfort or long-term benefits to your pet.

Q. Will your products offer comfort and support to my dog? A. Yes. We use a high quality memory foam top layer which is 3 inches deep and we then add a bottom 2-3 inch layer of high density quality foam to add support to the memory foam. All large and x large beds have a 3 inch bottom layer making 6 inches in total. If we use memory foam on its own it can cause sinking and distortion over time.

Q. Do you offer water resistant coverings? A. Yes, we have an option which is a 225 gsm water resistant polyester. This is the type used for high quality bean bags and also conforms to Fire Retardant BS5852 0+1. There is also a water resistant liner on all foam beds across the entire range so this part of the bed will not get saturated. This means that whichever bed you buy the foam itself will not get wet, even if it penetrates the cover.

Q. Are the beds washable? A. The foam is not washable but it does come with a water resistant cover to protect it anyway. The main covers have zips and can be removed for washing. Our materials are high quality and can handle hand or machine washing at around 30-40 degrees C. On the faux fur products we always recommend the lowest heat option. Please see your product's wash care label for more information.

Q. Do you offer additional support cushions for the beds? A. All beds come with removable bolster cushions which offer great support and the covers can be removed for washing. This also makes it easy to move the bed to a boot, crate, car or other area of the house as they are fixed by velcro fastenings.

Q. What fabrics do you offer? A. We offer a polyester anti pill polar fleece in 6 different colours, a polyester bean bag polyester in 3 colours, a 7 oz denim in blue which is hard wearing and durable and a furry faux fur fabric for the ultimate luxury feel. This offers a good range of styles and comfort levels.

Q. What sizes do you offer? A. We offer pet beds from 30 x 20 inches up to 42 x 28 inches. These can then be extended by a bolster cushion for support and comfort. In most cases the bolster will add between 4 and 7 inches at the back of the bed and 8 and 14 inches to the sides.

Q. Which size is best for my pet? A. We have a size guide tab on each product so you can see our recommendations. Our beds come on the generous side in terms of size, but it is always better to measure your pet from nose to tail and match this with the best sized bed before purchasing.

Heated pet pads -

Q. Will the pads burn if they are left on too long? A. No, they have a temperature regulator and will never go above the animal’s body temperature of 103-104 degrees F.

Q. Can the pads be used under bed cushions or normal pads? A. Yes, they can be placed under a bed cushion or thin foam/filled pad as part of an existing bed. You can either use the heat pad on its own (as it comes with a fleece cover) or place it under your existing bed.

Q. Could my pet chew through the cable? A. The cable is reinforced and tough. It offers a protective cover to the main cable. If your pet constantly chews at the cable cover it may get through to the inner electrical cable with some perseverance. However, at 12v DC and low amps, this should not cause your pet considerable harm. However, if your pet is always looking to chew in their bed, we advise against purchase.

Q. Is the voltage dangerous to my pet? A. All of our products run on low voltage 12V DC so they won’t cause a substantial electric shock.

Cooling pet mats -

Q. How cold do the cooling pet mats become. A. They will offer a very pleasant cooling effect without shocking.

Q. How long do they stay cold for? A. Up to 6 hours.

Q. Do they need placing in a fridge or freezer? A. No, they contain a special gel material which does not need cooling. However, doing so for 1 hour or 15 minutes respectively will lengthen the time the mat stays cool.

Dog Clothes including waterproof coats, cooling coats and drying coats

Q. Which size of dog coat is best for my dog? A. We do have a size guide on the product pages but the best way is to measure your pet from the back of the neck to 1 inch before the tail. You can then use the guide and select the nearest size for you on the product page.

Q. Are the dog coats water resistant? A. We offer a polyester fabric outer layer which is water resistant.

Q. What is the inner layer made of? A. There is a fleece lining to coats and this provides extra warmth.

Q. How do the cooling coats work? A. You just wet the coat and place it on your dog. We'd recommend a maximum of 20 minutes before resoaking. They also evaporate the moisture and provide a heat reflective outer material.

Q. How does the drying coat dry the dog? It contains a bamboo and cotton towelling which is great at absorbing water and moisture. The fleece outer also protects your dog from the wind and also helps to limit wet patches left on furniture, sofas and other household items.