How does a no pull dog harness work?

The basic principal of a no pull dog harness is to create various pressure points or sensations for your dog that discourages it from pulling. This can be achieved in several ways and will depend on the design of the harness.

A no pull harness comes in many forms, styles and brands and these include the easy walk harness, freedom harness or balance harness - all of which use strategically placed straps, materials and lead attachment points to help reduce or totally eliminate pulling.

Some of the most common options include a harness that fits like a standard harness and will have two main leash attachment points - one at the front and one at the top. You can attach your lead to the top attachment and this will serve as a brake. You can then attach another lead (or the other end of a double ended lead) to the front clip and this will give you a control for steering. 

When you use this combination, a subtle steering and braking motion will usually throw the dog off and stop it from pulling forward. Some owners also use word reinforcement to praise the dog just after it stops pulling and walks nicely - this is a tried and tested training technique.

Other designs can fit around the dog's nose and even around the hind legs. These will work by either tightening around the chest or legs or provide a restraining force to stop the dog from pulling. 

How does a Truelove no pull dog harness work?

A Truelove harness works by applying a brake and steering force at the same time. One end of the lead is attached to a ring on the dog's back and the other end is attached to the front clip on the dog's chest. Most customers report that this combination of braking and steering reduces or completely stops pulling. We feel that this style of harness is comfortable for the dog and does not take away any of the enjoyment for dog or owner.

You can find out more about the Truelove no pull dog harnesses here.

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