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How to measure your dog for a Truelove dog harness

A video explaining how dog owners can correctly measure their dog for a Truelove branded dog harness. Includes how to measure correct girth around the neck and rib cage and what to bear in mind when ordering and fitting the harness.

How to correctly measure your dog for a collar

Gives simple instructions on how to correctly measure your dog for a dog collar.

Does My Dog Harness Fit Correctly

A video explaining how to make sure that your dog harness fits your dog correctly. Includes a method for checking neck and chest size of the harness with a simple technique

Is My Dog Collar Fitting Correctly

A video about how to ensure that your dogs collar is fitted correctly.

How To Adjust Straps on the Neck, Belly and Chest Of A Truelove No Pull Dog Harness

A video showing customers how to adjust the straps on both the neck and the chest / belly areas of the Truelove reflective no pull dog harness (TLH5651 and TLH56512)

Which Dog Harness Is Best For My Dog

A video which talks about the options available in choosing the best dog harness for your dog breed. It discusses puppies, small, medium and large breeds and the best options when it comes to harnesses.


A full review of the Truelove TLH56512 dog harness, which has a clever quick release clip on the neck area.

Truelove Puppy and Small Dog Harness Product Review

A video review of the Truelove puppy and small dog harness. This is a light, mesh type harness which is ideal as a first harness and fits very small dogs and puppies up to spaniel size.

Truelove Step In Dog Harness Review | Easy Fit Harness

A review of the Truelove step in harness which is classed as an easy fit harness for those dogs that do not like things going over their heads.

Truelove Double Ended Dog Lead Review Includes Fitting Instructions And Using

A video explaining what a double ended dog lead is and how it works. A look at the Truelove double ended lead TLL2411 with an example of fitting and how to use

Truelove Lightweight Reflective Front Clip Dog Harness TLH6071 Review and Demonstration

A video review and demonstration of the Truelove TLH6071 lightweight front clip dog harness.

Truelove No Pull Dog Harness Review TLH5651 Includes Uses and Fitting

A review of the Truelove TLH5651 dog harness, which is classed as a standard padded harness and can also help to stop your dog pulling.

Truelove TLH56512 No pull dog harness with LED light loop, handle and front and top clip

The video shows a quick demonstration of the quick release neck clip on the new Truelove TLH56512 dog harness and how to put on and adjust the straps.

How to put on and adjust a Truelove Soft Dog Collar

A video showing how to put on a soft reflective Truelove dog collar and how to adjust it

Putting on a Truelove step in dog harness

How to put on a truelove step in dog harness and how to adjust it to fit

Putting on a Truelove dog harness with front clip and handle

How to put on and adjust a truelove no pull two clip harness with front and top clip and how to attach a double ended lead to it

Dog Walking Belt For Treats Bags Phone

A video showing the dog walking belt which can be used to keep possessions and dog walking accessories including dog treats poo bags phone etc


Our popular dog running harness with room around the shoulders and 'no escape' three straps for security. Offers low profile 'anti-snag' design.

Puppy Starter Harness

A product review of the Wiggles and Wags puppy starter harness - a great harness for the early weeks and months with speedy put on and take off and great for toilet training. Offers a supportive band and free lead.

Comfy Anti Pull Dog Harness - Super Lightweight

A super light dog harness for sensitive dogs or for those that do not require substantial padding on the chest and top plates. A good option as an anti pull training aid too.

Truelove Matching Sets For Reflective Range

Shows the main items in the Truelove matching sets including the TLH5651 harness and matching lead, collar and double ended dog lead. Complete the look and enjoy 7-12% disocunts.