Will A Dog Drying Coat Work For My Gundog?

dog drying off in drying coat

Gundogs can be very active. They will sometimes flush out birds or be used to retrieve. They are inherently full of stamina and endurance, whether this be a Retriever, Setter, Pointer or Spaniel etc.

With this comes a somewhat fearless nature - full of life and full of energy. They will usually go through puddles, streams, rivers or anything to get them to where they want or need to go.

To choose a drying coat for a gundog will need careful consideration and you should think about matching a coat to the activity habits of your dog. There are so many coats that can be applied after activity and will sometimes be used for the trip back home or to the car. Some will be placed on the dog when it finally gets home or to the car so it can soak up some of the excess water following the first shake.

There are also coats that are designed more for this specific breed and they tend to be those that have protective outer layers. This means that as the gundog walks or runs back to its place of rest, the coat will also protect it from the wind and rain. In this case the coat can continue to dry the dog as the coat keeps out the elements and this will mean far less drying at the final destination.

Some coats are also designed to keep mud from the belly so it will dry as the dog continues to play, forages or wanders. This style of drying coat will wrap around the dog or be placed over the head and then through the front legs, under the belly and then fasten at the sides. This style of coat will mean much less cleaning and drying later.

So you should choose a coat that has all the qualities and features that best matches your dog's inherent traits, as well as its individual habits and activities. An all-year-round coat will probably include an outer layer to protect the dog as it dries, so this is probably the best choice if your dog is going to be out in all weathers.

Is a snugglezzz drying coat good for my gundog?

We pride ourselves on the fact that we have created a coat specifically for gundogs. The inner layer will dry the dog as it moves or as it rests. The outer layer will protect it from the elements as it dries - this helps to keep the dog warm as it dries and means much less cleaning and drying in the car or at home

You can find out more about our gundog drying coats here.


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