Truelove Double Ended Dog Leads For No Pull Dog Harnesses

Truelove Double Ended Dog Leads For No Pull Dog Harnesses

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how a double ended lead attaches to a dog harness

Please note: This lead is one complete lead with two ends. It is not two separate leads and as a double ended lead, it works very well with our range of anti pull dog harnesses.

A double ended dog lead is used to add more control when walking your dog. The lead can be used as an effective braking and steering device when it is attached to a harness with two lead attachment points.

The image here shows how a double ended dog lead attaches to different points on the harness and how the lead can be used to apply a brake (D ring on the dog's back) and to steer (O ring on the dog's chest).

The lead can also be shortened and used as a traditional lead by clipping one end to various rings on the lead itself.

To use it as a double ended lead

You simply attach one end of the lead to a ring on the top of the harness. This is the traditional fastening for most harnesses and is positioned around the top of the dog's shoulders and back. With this attachment alone, you have control when pulling backwards, which is basically a brake.

However, when you attach the other end of the lead to a front ring you will have a lot more control when steering or correcting your dog from left to right or right to left. It is this combination of braking and steering that puts the owner in control and this technique can reduce or totally eliminate pulling.

double ended dog lead on dog

The leads are made of very strong fabric and are double thickness. The clasps are also high quality and provide a firm attachment to any harness.

They are 2 metres in length and this is an ample length for most situations. The leads also have additional rings so they can be used to vary the length when used as a standard lead.

The leads come in five different colours including Black, orange, Neon yellow, blue, and pink and they match our anti pull dog harnessesThe harnesses shown on the other page offer full padding and support around the torso and body.

When used with a double ended dog lead it provides a stable and balanced set up. Our customers love them and many are amazed with positive results. Just choose the colour you want and we'll ship one out with or without a dog harness purchase. 

Small - 1.75m length - 1.5cm thick

Medium - 1.75m length - 2.0 cm thick

Large - 1.75m length - 2.5cm thick