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wet dog ready for drying

Whether your dog is going for best in show, entering a fun dog event, or you just need a solution to drying your dog after a bath or swim, our dog towelling robes are built for the ultimate quality, look and feel.

These are handmade, luxurious dog drying coats designed to keep your dog dry and to also keep your dog warm! Our range of drying coats combine a bamboo and cotton inner layer for water absorbency and a super warm fleece outer.

They are designed to dry your dog as it wears the coat and to also protect your car or furniture from getting wet. The outer fleece material is a great insulator but is also a wonderful barrier, stopping water coming through to the inner layer.

 After water play or rain, allow your dog to naturally shake the excess water off and then wrap your dog up in the coat. You can then let the inner fabric soak up most of the water.

This means that your dog can keep warm after a dip in the river or sea, as well as in the car or on the walk home. You can leave the coat on for around two hours but please check that your dog is comfortable and warm as it dries.

They are great as a show dog drying coats

Show dogs can get cold and a little uncomfortable between events, whether this is an important breed show or an agility or flyball event. We have added the very best materials which includes an outer fleece to keep your dog warm when it is drying. The mix of bamboo and cotton in the inner fabric is very absorbent and bamboo is well known for its low odour retaining properties. This means that you keep your dog dry, warm, happy and you don't have to battle odours as often.

The overall fit

The coats wrap around your dog so they can be used as a dog towelling robe. It is draped over the dog and it then fastens at the sides and front with double sewn in strips of very strong velcro. This ensures a secure fit around the chest and sides and leaves plenty of room for adjustment. 

"Megan loves her drying coat... she even falls asleep with it on after a bath. We take the coat off and there is very little moisture left at all. The quality is excellent and it washes up brilliantly." Sam Greenwood, Oxfordshire.

Uses for the drying coats

These drying coats have a number of uses and can be used as a large wrap around towel coat or to keep your dog warm and protected from cold winds when it is wet.

Bath time

Just put the coat on your dog when it gets out of the bath or after an initial towel dry. Please try to soak up some of the water with a normal towel if your dog has a long or thick coat.

The coat is designed to soak up a lot of the remaining water, but as importantly it will keep your dog warm as it dries. The absorbency of the inner fabric coupled with the water resistant properties of the outer fleece fabric should also keep wet patches on furniture and bedding to a minimum.

boston terrier dog wearing a drying coat

At the beach or by the river

As soon as you or your dog have had enough water activity, just wrap your dog in the coat following the first or second shake! The bamboo and cotton towelling material will absorb the water and the fleece will keep your dog warm and protected from wind.

This is because fleece has good thermal properties but is also a tightly wound fabric and this means wind struggles to get through.

If you plan to return home in your car the coat will also help to keep wet patches and stains to a minimum in your car and on seats.

Events and shows

If you go to a show, agility event or other occasion you'll want to keep your dog dry when you need to. Drying your dog between agility runs or fly-ball can keep it dry, calm and ready for the next stage!

As the fleece outer doesn't absorb a lot of outside water they are also great for keeping light rain off the dog's fur and skin. On cold days it will also keep your dog warm and ready for the next round!

When to take the coat off

The coat will reach full absorbent capacity after about 30 minutes to 1 hour and can then be removed and dried out. If the ambient temperature is quite warm then the coat can be left on the dog for longer - in fact some dogs like to sleep in them!

Please monitor your dog when it is drying to make sure it is warm and comfortable at all times.

Please see the common questions and size guide tabs for more information.

Dog size guide

Here is a brief size guide to help you choose the correct drying dog coat. This is not a definitive list by any means but should act as a good guide.

X small - Chihuahua, yorkshire terrier, pomeranian, papillon
Small - Small jack russell, pug, norwich terrier, bichon frise
Medium - Boston terrier, cocker spaniel, border terrier, pekingese, french bulldog
Large - Border collie, beagle, springer spaniel, staffordshire bull terrier, Bulldog
X Large - Boxer, labrador, dalmatian, Basset hound
XX Large - German Shepherd, Setter, large labrador/retriever, pointer, labradoodle
XXX Large - Mastiff, sheepdog, Ridgeback, rottweiler
XXXX Large - Bernese, Leonberger, great dane, newfoundland.

Please note: We make every effort to have drying dog coats in stock, but in case we have to make these coats to order, please do allow up to 10 days for delivery to the UK and up to 16 days for deliveries outside of the UK.

When choosing a dog drying coat size, please use this table as a guide. The sizes shown in the drop down box are for length in cms. This measurement is from the back of the neck to the base of the tail.

Size Length Chest
x small 35 cms 30 - 38 cms
small 40 cms 38-45 cms
medium 48 cms 45 - 52 cms
large 54 cms 50 - 58 cms
x large 60 cms 55 - 65 cms
xx large 70 cms 65 - 80 cms
xxx large 80 cms 80 - 90 cms
xxxx large 90 cms 88 - 98 cms


See sizes above. Please choose a size and then select it from the drop down box.

dog measurements for coats

Measurement 1 - This is the topline and is from the back of the neck to the base of the tail. We use this to size the coats for length.
Measurement 2 - This is the girth around the wide part of the chest and ensures a good fit with adjustable velcro straps

Remember: Please use the length measurements as a guide only. You are looking for a length that will at the very least come up to the middle part of the back legs and ideally cover the rear part of the legs and even cover the bum area.

Therefore, you should measure from the back of the neck to the base of the tail as shown in measurement 1 above to give you a rough idea of the length.

It does not matter if the coat is slightly too long as it is classed as a robe coat of towel coat for dogs. This style is designed to cover the most wet parts of your dog and you'll see from the first main image that we have achieved a good fit for this Boston Terrier with a blue coat.

Remember this is not classed as a 'all day wear' coat so a custom fit is not important.

As long as the coat is long enough and provides enough room around the chest the coat should fit very well. It can even be too big and wrap around slightly, like a robe.

We have been quite generous when it comes to adjustment around the neck and chest area so dogs with wider chests and necks should also be fine.

Just choose the best length first and then check that the maximum measurement of the chest girth will match your dog's measurements as shown in measurement 2.

How Do I Wash the coat?

The dog drying coat can be hand or machine washed. Fleece and cotton bamboo can be washed at a temperature of 40 degress in your washing machine using a light to medium amount of detergent. The recommended temperature is 30 degrees.

How Do I Dry the coat out ready for its next use?

Please hang on a line or start the drying process on a radiator for around 30 minutes. You can dry this product in a tumble dryer but we advise you to keep this method of drying to a minimum.

What are the dog drying coats made from?

The absorbent inner fabric is 70% bamboo and 30% cotton. This provides a wonderful mix for absorbing the water and moisture from your dog's fur and skin.

Why use bamboo?

There are a number of reasons why we use bamboo. It is highly water absorbent so it will soak up the water from your dog and hold it in well. It has also been found to have anti-microbial, hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial properties, which is great for dogs with sensitive skin and should not absorb bad odours in the same way that other fabrics will.

It is also a very green fabric in terms of its environmental impact. It does not suffer with pest infestation and therefore requires little or no pesticides. Bamboo has naturally soft and round fibres which means it has no sharp edges to irritate the skin - great for dogs with allergies or existing skin conditions.

It is soft and luxurious and our bamboo fabrics are made from 100% non-polluted bamboo from a sustainable source.

What type of outer fabric do you use?

We use fleece polyester fabrics for the outer layer for each dog drying coat as they are designed to insulate and don't absorb a lot of water so they are a great choice for keeping your dog warm when it is wet. As the bamboo towelling soaks up the water the fleece will help to keep your dog warm and well insulated.

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