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Premium Quality Buoyancy Aid For Dogs

Built with your dog's safety in mind, this top of the range dog life jacket from Truelove is one of the best selling on the market - and for good reason. The main features of this harness include:

  • Exterior materials are abrasion-resistant Oxford 1680D Fabric
  • Suitable for puppy, small, medium and much larger dogs
  • Fully reflective 3M Scotchlite materials added
  • Strategically positioned EVA panels for maximum comfort and buoyancy
  • Design contributes to a natural swimming position
  • Metal alloy O-ring for lead attachment
  • Large and very strong reinforced handle for easy grip
  • Fully adjustable duraflex buckles stay in place
  • Easy adjustment for neck area
  • Breathable fabric close to fur/skin

If you want a great fit and piece of mind on your boat or a day trip to the lake or beach, then the Truelove dog life jacket is a very sound investment.

They are available in limited quantities of the neon yellow colour only, while stocks last. Choose a dog life vest that is going to stand up to every day walking, running, swimming and playing.

Please refer to the size guide below. You should measure the girth of your dog's neck and chest as shown in the image. You then compare those measurements with the ones shown in the table.

Is this designed for a puppy?

Yes. The smaller sizes are suitable for a puppy, but this depends on the size of your puppy. Rest assured these buoyancy aids are of the highest quality so this gives you peace of mind,just in case your puppy hasn't quite mastered its swimming technique yet!

Is this buoyant enough for a very large dog?

Yes,the larger sizes are suitable for larger dogs and they have very good bouyant pads to keep your dog afloat - whatever the size.

How strong are the handles?

The handle on this dog life jacket is very strong. They have been designed so that they give you a comfortable grip but can take most of the weight of your dog as you pull it out of the water. Of course, if you have a very heavy dog, we'd advise that you support the belly and aid the weight put onto the handle. The handles are designed to be an aid in grabbing your dog easily and to also to move your dog into a boat or onto shore.

How does this life vest fasten?

You can secure it at the sides with two straps and high quality duraflex buckles.

How does this secure around the lower neck/chest area?

There is a strap on the dog life jacket which loosens or tightens the front area. There is a clever inner and outer material at the front which allows you to alter the size and fine tune the fit.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review