Truelove Reflective Double Ended Dog Lead


Truelove Reflective Double Ended Dog Lead

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Truelove Double Ended / double clip Dog Leads to stop pulling

Double ended dog lead attached to harness

This TLL2411 Truelove double ended lead is one complete lead with two ends. It is not two separate leads and is often referred to as a double clip lead or anti pull lead. Qualify for 7-12% discount when you also purchase a matching standard lead, collar or harness.

The main features of this double ended lead are:

  • Strong spring clips to attach to top and/or front rings
  • Suitable for all dog sizes
  • Light, strong polyester materials
  • Reflective 3M fabrics built in for dark walks
  • Available in several cool colours
  • Comfortable and padded
  • Can be used as a standard lead  
  • It can be used as a hands free option
  • Use it to tether
  • Can be used to walk two dogs
  • Very light even when wet
  • Save 7-12% when you buy matching set items!

It can be used with a harness fitted with a front and top clip and the colours and style are designed to  work with the Truelove front clip dog harnesses shown here - they can be purchased together as matching colour sets.

If you are looking for a anti pull dog lead or one to help stop pulling and to give you more control, this is a great option. To see the lead in action, take a look at the video in the tab above.

    A double clip dog lead is used to add more control when walking your dog and it means that you don't have to buy a device that sits on the dog's nose and can rise up close to the eyes. The lead can be used as an effective braking and steering device when it is attached to a harness with two lead attachment points.

    The image here shows how a double ended dog lead attaches to different points on the harness and how the lead can be used to apply a brake (D ring on the dog's back) and to steer (O ring on the dog's chest).

    The lead can also be shortened and used as a traditional lead by clipping one end to various rings on the lead itself. This allows you to adjust the length of the lead to fit your requirements. This lead has multiple functions. Please see the video in the tab above for more information.

      See all products in this matching set here.

        If you have purchased a Truelove double ended dog lead as an individual item, you may want to consider completing the look by purchasing other items to create a matching set. These include a reflective dog harnessTruelove standard lead or dog collar. Our Truelove matching sets are designed to coordinate the design and colour schemes, along with the reflective properties of each item. We now offer bundle discounts so if you add additional items from a matching set, discounts of 7-12% will show on the checkout page.

        Truelove Matching Set Orange

        As you can see here, this dog is modelling a matching set which comprises of a Truelove reflective collar, harness and double ended lead.

        If you didn't have the need to attach a lead to the front and top ring on the harness (where a double ended lead can be used as a no pull training aid) then you can purchase a standard lead instead.

        The reflective matching sets are available in a range of colours including Orange, Purple, Brown, Black, Yellow, Red, Blue, Pink - double ended leads are only available in Orange, Blue, Yellow, Pink and Black.

        So why not complete the look with a high quality matching set from Truelove. Happy dog walking!

        Small - 2 Metre length - 1.5 cm thick (diameter of material)

        Medium - 2 Metre length - 2.0 cm thick

        Large - 2 Metre length - 2.5 cm thick

        Dogs over 8 kgs and active dogs may be best on the Medium and Large leads, as the spring clips are bigger. 

        So where does the double ended lead attach to?

        You simply attach one end of the double clip dog lead to a ring on the top of the harness and the other end to the front clip on the harness. The top clip is the traditional fastening for most harnesses and is positioned around the top of the dog's shoulders and back. With this attachment alone, you have control when pulling backwards, which is basically a brake. You could attach a standard lead to this top clip.

        However, when you attach the other end of a double ended dog lead to a front ring you will have a lot more control when steering or correcting your dog from left to right or right to left, depending on which side of you the dog is walking. It is this combination of braking and steering that puts the owner in control and this technique can reduce or totally eliminate pulling. This is why it can be classed as a no pull dog lead when used in this way.

        This lead can also be used as a traditional lead by attaching one end to one of the rings on the lead - this will then form a handle. This lead gives you many additional functions. You can use it to tether your dog, use as a hands free walking aid and to even walk two dogs.

        The leads are made of very strong polyester fabric with reinforced webbing, are double thickness and highly reflective. The clasps are also high quality and provide a firm attachment to any harness or collar.

        They are 2 metres in length and this is an ample length for most situations. They do not absorb a lot of water so they will not get heavy or need excessive water removal when wet.

        The leads come in five different colours including Black, orange, Neon yellow, blue, and pink and these colours are a great match for our front fix dog harnessesJust choose the colour you want and we'll ship one out from the UK with or without a dog harness purchase. 

        So what makes this an anti pull dog lead?

        By attaching a double clip lead to a harness with a front and top clip, you are basically adding a simultaneous braking and steering action. The top lead attachment point is your brake and the front attachment point is your steerer. When the dog pulls forward and the front part of the lead goes tight, it will gently steer your dog away from going forward. This is very subtle and will not hurt your dog in any way. 

        Is this guaranteed to stop pulling?

        In most cases, this lead will stop your dog from pulling. However, with dogs that pull excessively, you may need to train your dog a bit more. One way to do this is to treat your dog when the lead goes slack for a short time and/or it walks nicely - reinforcing good behaviour is the best way to go. You may need to do this often but your dog should be able to separate good and bad walking behaviour, especially when the good is rewarded.

        Is this part of a matching set by Truelove?

        Yes. This is one of the most popular matching set options as it allows you to match a blue, black, yellow, orange or pink double ended dog lead with a harness and collar in the same colour. 

        How strong is this lead?

        It has very strong metal spring clips and is made from a tough polyester fabric. We've had no reports of one of these leads breaking or failing so we can say these are strong and fit for purpose.

        How many uses does a double ended lead have?

        This can be used as a standard lead by attaching one end to a metal ring on the lead and using the loop as a handle. It can also be used as a hands free option by making a bigger loop and putting it around your waist. If you wrap it around an object and clip one end on a ring you can also use it to tether your dog. You can also attach both ends to two dogs and hold the lead mid way to walk the dogs simultaneously.

        Where should I stand when using this lead?

        You can stand behind your dog or to either side. This depends on how you want to hold the lead.

        How do I hold the lead?

        If you are standing to one side of your dog, you can hold the lead with one or two hands. Some people like to hold the lead in one hand and just grab onto the loop end and others prefer to place one hand close to the top and the other in a position where they can apply gentle force to the front part - it is up to you and is really down to what feels comfortable. It will all feel very natural when you start walking your dog with this lead.


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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 1 review Write a review