Flashing Dog Collar | LED Dog Collar

Flashing Dog Collar | LED Dog Collar

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led flashing collars for dogsThey can also be trimmed with a knife or pair of scissors and a cut guide line is shown on the collar to guide you. This means that if you feel that any fine adjustment should be made (after you look at the circumference sizes of the collars below and measure your dog's neck) you can make the collar a little smaller to fit.Flashing dog collar in 3 different colours. They are made of silicone for softness, flexibility and strength. They are also light and easy to clean. These LED dog collars are designed to slip over the head or can be undone and fastened using the clip.

Please note: These are designed to offer high visibility lighting for your dog in low light or in dark conditions. Please view the video below to see how bright these collars are. They have no lead or leash fastening so they can easily be positioned next to your normal collar. They are flexible and light and should not offer any distraction or discomfort.


There are three lighting modes - 1. Slow flash, 2. Fast flash, 3. Always on. A final push of the button will then turn the collar off.

They come with a supplied USB lead and can be recharged via this lead. Just plug it into the USB port on your PC/laptop/tablet or use a USB plug. Many plugs and adaptors for mobile phones also have a socket for a USB connection so in this case you could also charge this collar via a plug socket.

The LED flashing dog collars are also showerproof so they can withstand wet weather conditions when out on walks.

Sizes for Small, Medium and Large flashing LED dog collars

The circumference (distance around the collar) is as follows: Small - 35cm diameter, Medium - 50cm diameter, Large - 70cm diameter.

To ensure that you choose the correct collar, just measure around your dog's neck in cm. Compare this size to the nearest larger size of dog collar. For example, if your dog's neck measurement is 45cms please choose the Medium LED collar. Remember you can trim a few cms off each collar if required.

Can I attach a dog lead to this?

No. This is designed to be placed next to a collar and does not have a fastening loop for a lead or leash.

Do I need to buy batteries?

No. This has a recharging lead supplied with it and all you need to do is plug it into a PC/laptop/tablet via the USB lead and it will charge the internal battery

How bright is the LED flashing dog collar?

It can be seen from 500 yards away. It is very bright and you and your dog can be seen when you are in a very dark area or your dog is let off the lead in the dark.

How long does the battery last for?

The battery can last up to 8 hours

How long does it take to charge the collar?

Around 2-3 hours

How do I put the collar on my dog?

You can just put it over your dogs head, or you can unclip it and then put it around your dog's neck


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