Truelove Hands Free Dog Running Bungee Lead | Canicross Dog Lead

Truelove Hands Free Dog Running Bungee Lead | Canicross Dog Lead

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A hands free dog running lead from Truelove, which can be used for jogging and running with your dog, as well as other activities like Canicross.

It features a secure waist band which tightens around the owners waist. You then attach the alloy clasp to your dog's collar or harness. This provides 'hands free' operation when you run, walk or do other activities like hill and mountain climbing.

The lead also has a built-in bungee system which allows cushioning of forces between dog and owner. The leads will stretch to a certain point which effectively absorbs pulling shocks. 

Medium length - 140-200 cm / 55-78.7 inches 

Large - 200-340 cm / 78.7-134 inches

Both leads are 2.5 cms thick. Please note the second measurement shows the length when it is fully stretched.

The lead has a handle located close to your dog so you can gain close control when required. The clasp has a quick engage and release system which offers a fast a secure solution.

The hands free dog running leads come in two different lengths and are available in black, yellow and orange. They also have the patented 3M reflective materials built in which reflects street lights and car headlights when it is dark.