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Harness For Small Dog

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A classic, easy to fit dog harness for smaller dogs and cats

orange mesh harness for puppy or small dog

A classic style mesh harness for small dog or cat. The TLH1911 mesh harness is Ideally suited for Chihuahuas, cats and other small dogs up to a small Spaniel or French Bulldog size.

The harnesses have a fixed size opening for the head so they are easy to fit. Just pull it over the dog's head, put the leg through and clip the buckle to fasten.

The main features of this harness are:

  • Light and comfortable
  • Support to neck and chest
  • Soft material around chest
  • Ideal as a harness for small dog
  • Security lock on belly clip
  • Simple, leg through fit 
  • Strong lead ring
  • Reinforced top straps
  • In a variety of wonderful colours

Please see images and video in the tabs above for instructions. You will also see a size guide tab which shows sizes for your dog's head and chest/rib cage. They are suited for dogs that do not pull a great deal. They are also a great option for cats as they are extremely lightweight.

As they are soft and well designed they will not cause chafing or rubbing, which can cause sores.These are extra soft dog harnesses designed for smaller dog breeds up to small spaniel and also work really well for cats.

Size chart

Size Head (cm / inches) Chest (cm / inches)
x small (v small chihuahua, puppy) Up to 20 cm 28 - 33 cm / 11 - 13 inches
small (chihuahua, small yorkshire terrier) Up to 25 cm 36 - 41 cm / 14 - 16 inches
medium (jack russell, shih Tzu) Up to 30 cm 41 - 48 cm / 16 - 19 inches
large (cavalier spaniel, pug) Up to 35 cm 48 - 58 cm / 19 - 23 inches
x large (spaniel / french bulldog) Up to 40 cm 51 - 74 cm / 20 - 29 inches


Please note: This product is classed as a harness for small dog. As this harness has a fixed size hole for the neck/head your dog's head must go through this hole in order for you to fit the harness. Therefore, we have given you a head size measurement in the table above. You should measure the girth of your dog's head and match it to the sizes above. This is to ensure that the harness will go over your dog's head. You can then check the chest size to choose the most suitable harness for your dog. If you are looking for an extra small dog harness for say a Chihuahua or puppy then our x small or small sized product should be a good fit. Please do not guess the size of harness. It is important to check the size of your dog against the size chart before ordering.

Are they easy to fit?

Yes. To fit the harness, all you have to do is:

  1. Undo the buckle on the side of the harness
  2. Place the head part over your dog's head so the black logo is on the dog's chest. The silver ring lead attachment is on top and in the centre of your dog's shoulders.
  3. Put one leg through the strap and then clip the buckle on the side to secure. 

If the harness around the chest and belly is too loose or too tight, please adjust the strap until it is tight but comfortable for your dog. You should be able to put a finger into the straps on each side and feel some pressure. As you walk your dog, if the harness moves side to side slightly, then it may need to be tightened.

What are the main fabrics and materials used?

Truelove have produced a harness for small dogs that consists of a breathable and light soft polyester mesh material. They are Ideal for puppies or smaller dog breeds from Chihuahua up to Spaniel. 

How much adjustment is there?

There is quite a lot of adjustment in the chest/body strap so they are also ideal for dogs like pugs and those with wider chests. These soft Truelove dog harnesses are great value and are designed for dogs that do not pull hard on the lead when out on a walk. The design means that the chest is fully covered and this focuses any pulling forces on the chest area and not the neck.

Please see the size chart below as a guide. We have a choice of red, pink, blue, brown, purple, black, orange and green.

How strong are these harnesses?

They are surprisingly strong but have their limits. If you have a dog over 12 kg or one that pulls hard on the lead then this is probably not the best harness as it is classed as a harness for small dog. For a more heavy-duty range, please see our other recommended Truelove dog harness.

How do we measure our dog for this harness?

1. Take a tape measure and run it around your dog's head (yes, the head and not the neck). This means that you are measuring from the top of the head all the way round to the top again (circumference). Please make a note of this measurement.

2. Then run the tape around the dog's neck from the top, all the way round to the top again - make a note of this measurement.

The harness has to go over your dog's head and is a fixed size. You will therefore need to make sure that you order a size that will go over the head and fits around the neck. In most cases a dog's head is smaller than their neck. So please measure your dogs head and choose the size which will allows you to put it over the head.

3. Finally, take the tape and measure the girth around your dog's chest. This means running the tape from the top of your dogs back (in between shoulder blades all the way round the body. This measurement is just behind the front legs and then back up to the shoulder again. Make a note of this measurement.

Then, take these measurements (head and chest) and compare them to the size table in the tab above.

See these examples

An example,

If you have a dog with a 28 cm head, 24 cm neck and 42 cm chest you would choose a medium. This is because the opening on a medium harness is 30 cm and there will be around 6 cm of room around the neck. Please note: It does not matter if the neck is a little loose.

Second example,

Your dog's head is 36 cm and its neck is 31 cm. In this case the large is too small as the hole for the head is up to 34 cm so you would choose an x large. This might be a little loose around the neck but this is OK. You can adjust the chest to fit nice and snug.

The Truelove harness for small dogs can be washed by machine or hand at around 30 degrees. We would advise that you hang them on a line or radiator/airer to dry. We would not recommend that you use a tumble dryer to dry them.   


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Customer Reviews

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