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two dogs wearing flashing LED dog coats

LED flashing dog coats are great if you want to be seen when walking your dog at night or in darker conditions. The coats come in orange or green/yellow with reflective bands and a rechargeable USB system.

There is no need to buy batteries - just plug the supplied lead into your PC, tablet or any powered device with a standard USB connection and the coat charges in a few hours.

LED reflective high visibility dog vests, which offers a flashing LED and reflective strip sewn into the coat.

This means that you and your dogs can be seen and be safe! Comes in two colours, sizes from x small to xxx large and two LED light modes.

A rechargeable unit and USB lead (supplied) means easy charging via USB and PC - so no more batteries to buy! Just plug it into a PC and then the red light shows when charging and green light shows when charged.

"I let him off the lead a fair bit through the woods and I can now see exactly where he is. Very impressed." Mr Tranton, Cambridge, UK

TIP - Measure your dog from the back of the neck to the base of the tail and then the girth of the chest (as shown in image) This will give you a guide to the required size.

The most important measurement is the chest. Do you want to be seen dark nights? These reflective LED coats are designed to be seen from 500 metres away. They are great for walking your dogs at night so drivers and other people can see you and your dog's clearly. Please see the common questions and size guide in the related tabs above.



Will these work if I let my dog off the lead in the dark?

Your dogs can be seen and found easily if you let them off to play or lose sight of them in darker conditions. The high visibility dog coats are made of breathable cotton mesh lining and polyester top. Provides two modes of LED lighting - OFF, LED FLASHING, LED CONSTANTLY ON. Charging time is around 3-4 hours and should give up to 10 hours LED light.

How do I secure or fasten the coat?

Easy fit velcro fasteners on the neck and under belly ensures a good, secure fit

Will they show up in car headlights as well?

There are also two reflective bands on the coats so they are highly visible when car lights or other light sources are directed at them. Available in x small (puppy and very small dog breeds) up to XXX large (for larger breeds)

What is the best size for my dog?

To ensure a good fit, please measure your dog from the back of the neck to base of tail and also around the chest. The length should be used as a guide and is not the most important measurement - these are designed so you and your dog are seen and so an exact length is not important. If you see a size that is better around the chest but comes up 4 cms short then this is fine! The most important measurement is around the chest so please ensure that you measure the girth of your dog's chest and then choose the correct size, taking into account the length. See the common questions and size guide under the main images at the top of this page.

Dog coat sizes

Size Length (bottom of neck to base of tail) Chest girth (tightest to loosest)
X small approx 29 cms 42 - 47 cms
X small LC (larger chest) approx 29 cms 48 - 54 cms
Small approx 33 cms 52 - 56 cms
Medium approx 37 cms 58 - 63 cms
Large approx 47 cms 63 - 68 cms
X large approx 49 cms 71 - 76 cms
XX large approx 54 cms 78 - 83 cms
XXX large approx 59 cms 78 - 83 cms

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