Are dog drying coats easy to wash?

Dog drying coats are usually made from materials that can easily be washed by hand and/or in the washing machine.

The towelling type dog coats are usually made from a cotton mix fabric so they can be washed up to 40 degrees in a washing machine.

Some coats that are made with a viscose mix could require a slightly lower temperature of 30 degrees. 

Coats that have bamboo fabrics have been found to absorb less odour from the dog's wet fur so some people choose to wash these coats less often.

Most dog drying coats will dry quickly after a wash and will be ready to use again in no time. At the time of writing we have not found a coat that requires hand washing only.

How can we wash a snugglezzz dog drying coat?

Just put it in the washing machine at 30 or even 40 degrees and it will come out smelling great and ready to go again. The bamboo in the drying coat does not absorb as many bad odours and bamboo seems to cope well with regular washing. The mix of bamboo and cotton offers a soft and very absorbent inner layer.

You can find out more about the snugglezzz dog drying coats here.

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