How do I use a double ended dog lead

A double ended dog lead is primarily used to control your dog when out on walks. However, it can easily be transformed into an effective dog walking tool for many different situations. Here we take a look at how a double ended dog lead can be used and what makes them such a popular choice with dog walkers.

This dog walking device is often referred to as a double clip lead or front leading lead or leash. It is mainly used as a dual device to help you gain better control of your dog when out on walks. To use it in the most common form, you simply attach one end to the O ring or D ring at the top of a dog harness - when fitted, this is usually located on the dog's upper back, just behind the shoulders. This attachment is basically a brake and is where would attach a standard lead.

You should then attach the other end of the lead to the O ring or D ring situated on your dog's chest at the front. Of course, you'll need to buy a harness with a front attachment point in order for this to work - this gives you more steering control.

When combined with some subtle reinforcement and good training techniques, you can get your dog to walk nicely on the lead. Please bear in mind that in many cases this does require input from the owner - you need to teach your dog walk well on the lead and to always praise what you consider to be good behaviour.

Realistically, you can hold the lead in one hand and control your dog by applying subtle braking and steering forces - the latter should occur naturally as your dog pulls forward. As it does so the front part of the lead (attached to the chest) goes tight and forces your dog to turn. This stops it from going forward. When your dog walks well (probably with a slack lead by your side) you should tell your dog that it is walking nicely and reinforce this good behaviour. In time, your dog should realise the difference between what is acceptable and is not good walking behaviour.

The double clip dog leads can also be used in other ways. If you unclip one end from the chest area and then clip it to one of the O rings on the lead, you have a standard lead. You can also vary the length and use it as a hands free device or use it to tether your dog to a suitable object.

A double ended lead is a very useful tool, but should be used in conjunction with a suitable harness. You should also apply good training techniques and have patience. 

Find out more about a suitable front clip dog harness and double ended lead combination.

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