How Does A Dog Drying Coat Work?

The main use of a dog drying coat is to dry your dog. The coats work by absorbing or wicking away water into the fabric. Coats that wick away the water will then use natural evaporation to get rid of water into the atmosphere.

The rate water evaporates depends on humidity and the ambient temperature. If there is still air (no breeze) and the surrounding air has 100% humidity, then water will not evaporate at all. If there is less humidity (water vapour in the air) then the rate the water evaporates can be quicker, especially if the ambient temperatures are also higher.

It is a bit of a myth that water does not evaporate in very cold weather - in fact, water will evaporate at temperatures below freezing, although this is called sublimation. As far as dogs drying in cold temperatures are concerned, you should monitor your dog to make sure it does not get cold as it dries naturally.

If you apply a coat, you can speed up the drying process and some will also offer protection from the elements as the dog dries. These coats will sometimes contain fabrics that are only designed to absorb water and to store it in the fabric. These coats can then be taken off after a period of 30-60 minutes and this will reveal far less water on the dog's fur.

golden retriever in a red dog drying coat

These coats will usually have a tightly woven outer layer which is designed to stop wind or rain entering the coat as the inner layer absorbs this water. These coats will protect your dog from getting cold but in cooler ambient temperatures they should be taken offer after a maximum of 1 hour.

Some coats are designed to go over the dog's head and/or through the legs to cover these areas. Other coats can be classed as robes as they wrap around the dog like a big towel. Most coats will fasten around the girth, main torso or belly of the dog. Other coats will also fasten around the neck.

Whichever coat you choose, you should use a coat that not only best matches your breed of dog but also how it lives life. This includes the type of play and activities the dog enjoys while out on walks. 

At home, dog drying coats can be used to wrap around your dog as it dries. You should monitor your dog at all times to make sure it does not get too hot or cold while wearing the coat.

How does a snugglezzz dog drying coat work?

The snugglezzz drying coats are designed to absorb water into the cotton and bamboo layer. The outer layer is fleece polyester so it will repel water and also harsh winds. It will also stop water getting onto furniture or on car seats as your dog dries. The coats are especially useful for dogs that enter in brooks, rivers or the sea. You can get more information about the snugglezzz dog drying coats here.


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