How Much Do Dog Drying Coats Cost?

Boston Terrier wearing a dog drying coat

The cost of a dog drying coat depends on the place of manufacturing, the materials used and the combined manufacturing and material costs.

Some dog drying coats are single layer towelling fabrics that are just designed to soak up excess water and nothing else - these type of coats are usually the cheapest as they are effectively a towel designed to fit a dog. Prices for this type of coat will range from £10 to around £25.

Then you have a double layer coat which consists of an inner layer to absorb water and the outer one to soak up any excess liquid and to allow the coat to evaporate naturally so it dries quickly.

Prices for these coats varies greatly and this can be anything from £20 for a microfibre, viscose or double layer cotton coat to £50 for a better designed and finished coat which uses highest quality materials.

The other type of coat is a double layer insulating coat and this type of coat will have an outer layer designed to keep out wind and rain as the dog dries. Coats like this are usually made of double or even triple layered fabrics which can consist of cotton, bamboo, polyester or a combination of all three. These dog drying coats tend to fall within the £40 and £70 price range.

How much do snugglezzz drying coats cost?

The snugglezzz drying coats range from £31 for an extra small coat to £61 for a 4XL drying coat. The x small will fit a very small dog like a Chihuahua and the 4XL can fit a great Dane. You can find the snugglezzz dog drying coats here.


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