What Are The Best Dog Drying Coats?

best dog drying coat for a spaniel

Before you choose the best drying coat for your dog, you need to decide on when and how you intend to use the coat. There are many options, including full body coats, which fit and cover the legs, torso and neck, coats which partly wrap around your dog and also full robes - all of which will have some type of absorbent inner layer to absorb water.

The breed of your dog can also be a major factor in choosing the right drying coat. If you have a less active dog and would prefer to use the coat for bath time only, then an absorbent single or double layer coat will do the job nicely.

These coats are designed so the layer closest to the dog's skin will absorb nearly all of the water and the second outer layer will offer protection and/or absorb any remaining water. The outer layer will usually consist of a breathable fabric so water is able to evaporate normally.

The other type of coat is a double layer insulating coat. This type of coat could have a slightly thicker, fully absorbent inner layer to dry the dog, but will also come with an outer layer that has more tightly woven fabrics. The outer fabric can vary in terms of fabric type, but one option is a polyester fabric that can deter wind and rain as the inner layer dries the dog. These coats can sometimes be the preferred option for owners with working dogs or gun dogs. This style of coat will usually not fully cover the legs so the dog can also walk or run as it dries.

Coats that are designed to wrap around your dog are often referred to as robes and they can sometimes be the best choice for dogs that sit still after a bath or activity.

Is a snugglezzz drying coat the best one for your dog?

Well, we'd like to think that the snugglezzz coat has a variety of uses but the main selling points are the fact that it stops water from getting into the coat and also keeps out the cold and wind as it dries the dog. It can also stop water from coming out of the coat which can stain furniture and seep out onto car seats.

We would say that 2/3rds of our customers either have gun dogs or working dogs as these breeds can be more active in areas like rivers, brooks and the sea. However, the coats also have great properties for after bath time and many customers have told us that their dogs are quite happy to lay in the snugglezzz drying coat many hours after the first application. Please note: With all coats, please closely monitor your dog to make sure that it is comfortable and that it does not overheat in warmer ambient conditions. You can see the snugglezzz dog drying coats here.

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