What Is A Dog Drying Coat?

snugglezzz dog drying coat

A dog drying coat is a material based garment worn by dogs. They come in various designs, shapes and sizes and usually consist of absorbent cloth, fabric or towelling designed to dry the dog when worn.

There are also dog drying robes which wrap around the dog and will usually fully cover all major parts of the body.

The coats will sometimes have an opening for two or all four legs and this design can be fastened by buttons, velcro or fabric ties. The coats can have a fixed size hole for the head to go through or can be manufactured to offer a neck area which unfastens to allow it to be put on without the need for it to go over your dogs's head.

Drying coats will normally offer a single, double or triple layer and the most common will offer either evaporating based fabrics or 'dry as they keep warm' materials.

What is a snugglezzz drying coat?

The snugglezzz drying coats are designed to keep your dog warm as they dry them. They are particular useful for working dogs, or those that like to take a dip in a river or the sea in all weathers.

They are made to work well in colder weather or when the wind chill is high. The inner fabric dries and the outer material stops wind and rain from spoiling the drying process. You can see our dog drying coats here.

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