Will a dog drying coat Irritate my dogs skin?

dog wearing red drying coat

If your dog is very sensitive to certain fabrics then it is better to avoid these fabrics when choosing a drying coat for your dog.

Many drying coats will contain cotton and/or a mix of other synthetic fabrics and materials, so if they have caused irritation on your dog's skin before, they are best avoided.

However, most drying coats will contain fabrics that have hypoallergenic properties and these can include cotton, wool and bamboo. Most naturally occurring fabrics will have hypoallergenic properties and synthetic materials can in rare cases cause irritation because of the chemicals and processes involved in making the fabric.

If your dog is sensitive and you are in any doubt it is probably best to buy a drying coat that contains natural fabrics on the layer closest to the skin. This will ensure that as this mix of fabrics works to dry your dog, there is very little danger in it resulting in a rash or any other form of allergic skin reaction.

Will a snugglezzz dog drying coat irritate my dog's skin?

The short answer is that it is very unlikely. We can never 100% guarantee that it will not cause irritation, but we have taken every logical step necessary to make sure that it does not.

The snugglezzz dog drying coats have a synthetic mix on the outer layer, but this is not close to the skin. Our inner layer is a thick mix of cotton and bamboo and bamboo is know for its hypoallergenic properties. Cotton should also be kind to the skin so this mix should create no irritation for your dog in any way. 

You can find out more about the snugglezzz dog drying coats here.


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