Are Electric Heat Pads Safe For My Dog Or Cat

Are Electric Heat Pads Safe For My Dog Or Cat
When it comes to keeping our pets warm and comfortable, we go the extra mile. An extra blanket here, a rug placed in front of an open fire, or a bed in close proximity to a warm radiator seems to do the trick every time.

One of the popular and more recent methods of heating now comes in the form of heating pads. They can either be self-heating, warmed up in a microwave, or plugged into the mains. In the early days of development the latter has been questioned for its safety. Things have changed and I'd like to add my own personal input and experience to this topic.

When we started Wiggles and Wags in 2010, we wanted to sell products that would make pets more comfortable. Not only was it important for us to sell items that were high quality, but would be strong, durable, comfortable and safe.

We had a close look at the higher voltage heated mats and decided not to go down this path for two main reasons. First of all, they were quite heavy and would mean a higher price to cover packing and posting. Secondly, we were not 100% comfortable with the idea that this type of heat mat worked from a straight 240 volts. We are sure that these products have built-in safety components but we opted for a lower voltage option anyway.

The fact is that pets can and will chew/destroy things and I would say that if you have a pet that chews excessively, you should think carefully about placing any item or product powered by electricity either close to or within the area where they sleep. That said, only a very small percentage of dogs and cats chew through electric cables and what they can’t see easily shouldn’t be a temptation in the majority of cases.

To put your mind at rest here are a few safety features/components added to higher quality heat pads and mats.

A Thermostat

These pads will usually have a thermostat to ensure that they don't overheat. If there is a fault the thermostat should ensure that the mat reaches a maximum temperature of around 104-110 degrees F.

A anti-chew cover to cables

Some mats will have a very hard plastic or metal shield covering the cable closest to the mat. This is very tough and should stop any curious cat (or dog) from chewing through it and into a live cable

Low voltage options

A lot of mats now come with 12 volt versions, which means 240 volts in (through your normal socket at home) and 12 volts out, via an adaptor. This adaptor is usually connected to the armoured part of the cable.

Fire retardant materials

The better quality quality heated dog mats and pads will have fire retardant materials and fabrics built in. This means that the covers used to cover the heating element and the vinyl mat itself will not burn or cause a fire.

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