Which Type of Dog Drying Coat Is Best

Which Type of Dog Drying Coat Is Best

A simple way to explain this is to look at the fabrics used in a variety of drying coats and to assess their characteristics and main attributes.

Drying coats can be used to dry your dog after a period of wet activity, following a bath, or walk in the rain.

Their ability to soak up the moisture in your dog's fur is all down to the fabrics and materials used in the coat layers. These materials must be able to absorb moisture and usually contain a cotton towelling fabric or a mix of other materials. These other fabrics can be polyester and even bamboo. More garments are now using bamboo for its soft edge properties, making it one of the softest and kindest fabrics to wear next to the skin or fur.

However, even though bamboo is classed as a sustainable product it still demands a premium price. This will add to the end price of the coat but offers a luxurious look and feel. Bamboo is very absorbant, does not trap odours as some other fabrics do and also seems to have some hypoallergenic properties.

Some drying coats will offer a double cotton towelling layer. The first layer is closest to the fur and will absorb most of the moisture, while the second outer layer will absorb a smaller amount of water and will therefore keep that moisture from returning to the dog's fur.

This water retention is the key to drying the dog in an efficient manner and some fabrics are better at this than others.

So what are the most absorbent fabrics?

Polyester is classed as a polymeric fabric and quite absorbent. However, the methods of manufacturing means that moisture is held between the spaces in the fabric and not in the fabric itself. This is because it is created from plastic and then spun into yarn.

Cotton on the other hand is naturally absorbent and a combination of bamboo and cotton offers great absorbency and strength. It is very porous, durable and when it is used to make terry towelling can be washed over and over with very little shrinkage.

Some drying coats will have one or two layers of towelling and leave the rest to natural evaporation. This means that a lot of water will be absorbed and will evaporate through the layers.

Other coats will have an additional layer made from polyester or other tough fabric on the outside of the towelling. Fleece is often used for this and can provide an efficient barrier to wind and any additional moisture or rain. This is a good option if you use the drying dog coat after a river or sea swim and you don't want the dog to get cold from the walk back home or to the car.

The final category covers dog robes, which are a type of coat and towel mixed together. This drying coat will wrap around your dog like a blanket and may not have any securing straps around the chest or belly area. They are good after a bath, but can be restrictive if the dog wants to remain mobile. Whichever coat you choose, you should always monitor your dog to make sure that it is not getting cold and that the coat is doing its job.

You should always try to soak up as much of the water as you can before applying the coat as this will speed up the drying process and help to keep your dog warm while it is drying. snugglezzz offers a range of handmade dog drying coats in various sizes here.

Andy, snugglezzz

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