A Short Guide To The English Springer Spaniel

A Short Guide To The English Springer Spaniel

The expression “puppy dog eyes” could have been made for the English Springer Spaniel. With those huge eyes, distinctive floppy ears, and adorably affectionate and sociable temperament, English Springer Spaniels make ideal pets.

Records show there have been spaniels in the British Isles for at least 2,000 years, gradually developing into “water spaniels” and “land spaniels”. In the 16th century, the English Springer Spaniel was originally known as the Norfolk Spaniel. It was not until 1812 that a pure strain of English Springer Spaniels was started in Shropshire.

Typically English Springer Spaniels are black and white or liver and white, with a thick, even weather-resistant coat. Some may have tan markings. They’re well proportioned dogs, with a slightly rounded skull, muzzle of approximately the same length, and bodies and legs that are neither too long nor too short.

They have a distinctive gait, moving quickly and easily. Their name comes from their ability to “spring” game out of its hiding place when working out in the field – these are hardy gundogs and excellent retrievers, with boundless energy. Both males and females are around 19-20 inches in height when fully grown and weigh around 49-55 pounds.

Staying healthy

In general these dogs are strong and sturdy. However, the long floppy ears that make these spaniels so endearing are also prone to picking up twigs and seeds when the dogs are out and about, so keeping the ear flaps trimmed is essential. In the formative years, they can have a tendency towards obesity, so keep an eye on their diets.

Apart from their ears, they need relatively little grooming beyond a daily brush and occasional trimming – a good bristle brush, comb and scissors will make up their beauty kit. Don’t forget to pay attention to their feet when you’re brushing them.

To stay healthy and happy, these dogs need lots of exercise, including walking, swimming and generally jumping into water when out in the country or park – helping to keep their owners suitably fit! They make good city dogs as long as you make sure they are well exercised.

The main health problems you’re likely to encounter with this dog are ear infections, with some being prone to eye conditions like glaucoma, blood conditions and hip dysplasia.

How long do they live for?

On average, English Springer spaniels live between 9 to 15 years, and remain active for most of their lives. So if you’d like an affectionate, friendly, energetic and very intelligent dog, with one of the waggiest tails you’ll ever encounter, an English Springer Spaniel would be an ideal addition to your family.

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