Which harness is best for my dog

Which harness is best for my dog

Hello everyone. Here is a post, with text populated from a transcribed video which covers the subject ‘Which dog harness is best for my dog? You can choose to watch or hear the video as you read this post, or use the text below to confirm or reinforce some of the points mentioned in the video...

...“This is a very common question and one that we hear an awful lot at shows and also through our website and when we speak to people on the phone. Of course, want to make sure that they buy the best harness or the most suitable harness for their dog.

So what I thought i'd do is show you three harnesses which are three of the best sellers on our website. What I’d like to do is to go through why they are good for different breeds of dogs, size of dog also dogs that are at different stages of development - and that will hopefully give you an idea of where to start in your search for a dog harness.

So first of all I wanted to show you the mesh harness which is a harness that will go over the dog's head. It is a fixed neck and is very very lightweight. It does have some really good reinforced straps and it's simple to put on.

Basically, this will go over the dog's head and then the leg will go through the front and then it will fasten at the side. Obviously, if your dog doesn't like anything going over its head this is probably not the best option because there's not a huge amount of flexibility around the neck area as it is fixed. However, there are other options and i'll get to those a little later on.

This is a very nice harness and one that would certainly be suitable for puppies and smaller dogs, probably up to something like a french bulldog. It has a good clip on it and this has been reinforced so they are stronger than they first appear.

This is a really good option for a small dog or puppy and then maybe three to four months later depending on how it grows into the harness or how much it grows generally, you might want to opt for one of the other harness options that have a little more substance and weight to them.

These harnesses have a good level of adjustment on the side so you can make it smaller or larger around the body, but remember the neck size is fixed so it is worth measuring the size of your dog’s head to make sure that the harness will go on.

The harnesses come in a range of 8 colours and in sizes from extra small to extra large. The smallest ones being a good fit for Chihuahuas and tiny terriers and the largest up to a large french bulldog or medium spaniel.

The next option we come to is what is classed as a step in harness and this means that the harness does not go over the dog's head. So for this particular one is has two leg openings so you can see that the dog would simply step into it and then it will just fasten at the top.

This harness does have some padding in the form of a chest plate, you then have the straps which form a Y on each side and then you've got two clips which just come together and you can just attach a lead to it.

It is really quick to put on and take off, so they are a great option if you've got a dog that doesn't really like anything going over the head and also for smaller dogs and larger dogs too.

The final option is what we class as a more heavy duty harness and these are good for smaller dogs up to very large dogs. This particular one is classed as an everyday and also a no pull harness because you have a clip at the top where you would attach a standard lead and you also have a clip at the front so you can attach a double ended lead. So when you attach both ends you have a brake at the top and a steering mechanism from the front.

These are a really good option, as you can see this is more substantial and it has more padding on the top (around the shoulders) and also around the chest. You can also see that the padding and straps actually clear the front legs which is important, as you don't want parts of the harness digging into the legs.

So this type of harness is really good if your dog pulls but it can also be used as a standard harness too. This model also has a handy handle just in case you need to assist your dog and it also there is also a version of this harness where there is a clip around the neck so you don’t have to place it over your dog’s head.

So there we have three options. We hope you have found the video and text useful. Please follow the links in this post for more information about the products.

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