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What Is a No Pull Dog Harness

What Is a No Pull Dog Harness

A no pull dog harness is a designed to reduce or totally eliminate the pulling action from your dog.

There are various designs and these can be a full padded harness, which surrounds the chest and front torso of the dog, or a strap version which can fasten to the chest and body and/or the snout.

A no pull harness will look very similar to a normal harness but in addition to a lead attachment point on the top of your dog's shoulders or back, it will also have an attachment point either around your dog's chest area, or somewhere around the neck or nose.

You can choose to attach a normal lead (with a clip at one end) to the top or front attachment points on the harness, but to get the most out of the harness, you may want to use a training aid like a double ended dog lead. This type of lead has a clip at both ends - you simple attach one end to the ring on the top of the harness and the other end to the ring on the front of the harness.

As your dog pulls forward, you can simply steer your dog off course by applying a steering motion to the lead attached to the front clip. The other end which is attached to the top will act as a brake. These type of leads can be a useful training aid when used with a no pull harness. If you reinforce good behaviour (when the dog is walking nicely) this should speed up the training process.

Will a no pull dog harness hurt my dog?

No, a well designed, comfortable harness should not cause your dog any discomfort at all. Just make sure that any movements or forces applied to the lead are gentle and not aggressive in any way.

Could a no pull harness make our dog walk less enjoyable?

A harness of this type should not interfere with your dog walk in any way or make it any less enjoyable for either dog or owner. Think of the harness as a training aid to develop good walking and then as a long-term valued accessory for walking when your dog is walking well on the lead.

Is an anti-pull dog harness the same thing?

Yes, they are both classed as devices or walking accessories to help promote good walking behaviour.

If you would like to see some of these products in action please see our no pull harness range here.

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